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Xena: Dangerous Liaisons
Rittenhouse Archives - 2007

Notes:  Thanks to LesleyW for the update! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.60 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Card Text / Title                                 Episode / Artist

 01    Dangerous Liaisons [Title Card]
  2    After her defeat of Draco,  Xena is unaware th    Sins of the Past
  3    Taking the whip from Hector before he and his     Sins of the Past
  4    The followers of Morpheus take Gabrielle hosta    Dreamworker
  5    Once again, Ares tries to seduce Xena to join     Reckoning
  6    As Xena approaches the chained Prometheus, war    Prometheus
  7    Gabrielle finds a kindred soul while caring fo    Prometheus
  8    Gabrielle confesses her feelings for Philius,     The Titans
  9    Toxeus, one of the walking dead, grabs Gabriel    Death In Chains
 10    Gabrielle's attempt to protect the mortally wo    Hooves and Harlots
 11    Queen Melosa and her Amazons joined with Xena     Hooves and Harlots
 12    Posing as the Princess Diana, Xena stands read    Warrior...Princess
 13    Thersites takes Gabrielle hostage as he heads     A Fistful of Dinars
 14    Autolycus, King of Thieves, kissed Xena's hand    Royal Couple of Thieves
 15    Xena's emotions were in a state of confusion,     Ties that Bind
 16    Reunited with her older brother, Toris, Xena j    Death Mask
 17    Thanks to the power of the Ixion Stone, the wa    Orphan of War
 18    For Xena, giving up her son Solan may have bee    Orphan of War
 19    The Xena of old took Julius Caesar prisoner fo    Destiny
 20    Onboard her pirate ship, Xena discovered a sto    Destiny
 21    Gabrielle, filled with hatred and fueled by re    The Return of Callisto
 22    Altered by Aphrodite, a suave and heroic Joxer    For Him The Bell Tolls
 23    To stop the destruction of one of her temples,    For Him The Bell Tolls
 24    The mother and son team of Aphrodite and Cupid    For Him The Bell Tolls
 25    The unlikeliest of allies, Xena rescues the no    A Necessary Evil
 26    All Palaemon wanted was to make a name for him    Blind Faith
 27    While strolling on the beach, Xena helps a str    Ulysses
 28    The Horde, a ruthless group of savage warriors    The Price
 29    Cursed by Poseidon, Cecrops was doomed to sail    Lost Mariner
 30    Draco had always wanted Xena at his side to he    Comedy of Eros
 31    Xena has carried a hatred for Caesar ever sinc    The Deliverer
 32    When the king of assassins, Jett, tries to kil    The King of Assassins
 33    Lao Ma rescued Xena not only from Ming Tzu, bu    The Debt
 34    Filled with guilt and confusion and painful me    Forget Me Not
 35    Immortal and with god-like powers, Callisto re    Sacrifice
 36    Hope, the child of Dahak and Gabrielle, looked    Sacrifice
 37    In the sacred place of the dead, Xeno and Alti    Adventures In the Sin Trade
 38    Alti, a powerful ex-Amazon shamaness recruited    Adventures In the Sin Trade
 39    The Destroyer, the spawn of Hope, child of Dah    A Family Affair
 40    A mother and her child, Hope and the Detroyer,    A Family Affair
 41    Aiden helps Gabrielle relax and to find her in    Paradise Found
 42    Gabrielle learns the art of Mehndi from Nalyim    Between the Lines
 43    Using the power of the Mehndi, Xena and Gabril    Between the Lines
 44    Najara speaks with Gabrielle of her plans for     Crusader
 45    Borias and Xena share a happy moment together     Past Imperfect
 46    Cyrene has always loved her daughter Xena, so     Takes One to Know One
 47    Callisto, on release from Hell, confronts Xena    The Ides of March
 48    Caesar planned to name himself Emperor - that     The Ides of March
 49    Demon Xena carries the broken and defeated bod    Fallen Angel
 50    Archangel Xena is confronted by the demon vers    Fallen Angel
 51    Ares sends Mavican, Xena and Gabrielle through    Succession
 52    Having entered the spiritual realm, Gabrielle     Them Bones, Them Bones
 53    In order to defeat Alti, Xena transfers Alti's    Them Bones, Them Bones
 54    The daughter of Lao Ma, K'ao Hsin, and Xena us    Purity
 55    Gabrielle tries to stop Ares from killing Eli,    Seeds of Faith
 56    Still in love with Gabrielle, thanks to Cupid'    Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire
 57    The birth of Xena's daughter, Eve, signals the    God Fearing Child
 58    Hercules, having just stabbed his father Zeus     God Fearing Child
 59    Angry at his wife, Hera, for helping Hercules     God Fearing Child
 60    Xena fights her own daughter; Eve now called L    Eve
 61    In order to save the soul of her mother and th    Haunting of Amphipolis
 62    The Archangel Lucifer came down from heaven to    Heart of Darkness
 63    Xena battles Grindl, a monstrous beast that wa    The Rheingold
 64    A cloned copy of Xena renews her eternal battl    Send in the Clones
 65    Xena and Gabrielle are accosted by a TV report    You Are There
 66    Gabrielle fights with Varia for the right to b    Path of Vengeance
 67    The playwright Gabrielle comes to the former e    When Fates Collide
 68    Akemi kneels before her grandfather's grave to    A Friend in Need
 69    Thanks to the water from the Fountain of Stren    A Friend in Need
 70    Checklist triptych [Base, XC, WW, WQ]
 71    Checklist triptych [Costume, Auto Costume]
 72    Checklist triptych (far right)


Xena Comics (1:10 packs)

XC1    Xena [Aaron Lopresti]                             Aaron Lopresti
XC2    Gabrielle                                         Aaron Lopresti
XC3    Hercules                                          Jeff Butler
XC4    Ioalus                                            Jeff Butler
XC5    Joxer                                             Jeff Butler
XC6    Ares                                              Gordon Purcell
XC7    Callisto                                          Tom Morgan
XC8    Autolycus                                         Aaron Lopresti
XC9    Salmoneus                                         Jeff Butler

Women and Weapons (1:20 packs)

WW1    Whip
WW2    Bo Staff
WW3    Chobos
WW4    Sword
WW5    Chakram
WW6    Sais
WW7    Pinch
WW8    Thompson Machine Gun
WW9    Composite Bow
WW10   Crossbow
WW11   Eel
WW12   Bow
WW13   Katana
WW14   Staff
WW15   Kama
WW16   Shinai
WW17   Chain
WW18   Fire

Callisto: Rise and Fall of the Warrior Queen (1:40 packs)

WQ1    Dubbed "The Warrior Queen" by Joxer, Callisto
WQ2    As a child, Callisto grew up in Cirra with her
WQ3    But Xena was no longer the same person that at
WQ4    Death was not enough to vanquish the hatred Ca
WQ5    Released again from Tartarus, this time by Her
WQ6    Hope, the demon spawn daughter of Dahak and Ga
WQ7    Callisto again joined Hope in her efforts to b
WQ8    Callisto's hope of oblivion at the hands of Xe
WQ9    Callisto's hatred of Xena only grew when she w

Costume Cards (1:20 packs)

C1     Maria Matiko as Pao Ssu                           Purity
C2     Lucy Lawless as Xena                              Adventure In the Sin Trade
C3     Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle                       Married with Fishsticks
C4     Jay Laga'aia as Draco                             Comedy of Eros
C5     Alexis Arquette as Caligula                       The God You Know
C6     Lucy Lawless as Xena                              A Friend In Need
C7     Lucy Lawless as Xena                              A Friend In Need
C8     Lucy Lawless as Xena                              The Rheingold
C9     Lucy Lawless as Xena                              Mortal Beloved
C10    Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle                       When Fates Collide
C11    William Gregory Lee as Virgil                     Who's Gurkhan

    Dual Costume Cards

DC1    Lucy Lawless as Xena / Marton Csokas as Borias    The Debt
DC2    Lucy Lawless as Xena / Karl Urban as Caesar       Destiny
DC3    Lucy Lawless as Xena / Hudson Leick as Callisto   Fallen Angel
         [variants: black swatch; foil-net swatch]
DC4    Lucy Lawless as Xena / Victoria Pratt as Cyane    Adventure In the Sin Trade
DC5    Lucy Lawless as Xena / Renee O'Connor as          The Rheingold
DC6    Meighan Desmond as Discord / Bruce Campbell       Takes One to Know One
          as Autolycus
DC7    Lucy Lawless as Xena / Kevin Sorbo as Hercules    Prometheus
DC8    Lucy Lawless as Xena / Bruce Campbell as          The Royal Couple of Thieves
DC9    Claire Stansfield as Alti / Renee O'Connor as     Them Bones, Them Bones
DC10   Lucy Lawless as Xena / Renee O'Connor as          Fallen Angel
DC11   Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle / Alexandra           The Quill Is Mightier...
          Tydings as Aphrodite
DC12   Michael Hurst as Ioalus / Renee O'Connor as       The Quest
          Gabrielle (album exclusive)

    Autographed Costume Cards

AC11   Bruce Campbell as Autolycus                       Vanishing Act
AC12   Renee O'Connor as Tyrella                         If the Show Fits

Case Topper Autograph Card

A52    Musetta Vander as Illainus

Archive Boxes (randomly distributed, approx. 1:25 cases)

  --    (complete set of all bonus cards found in packs)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (binder)
 --    (12 nine-pocket pages)
DC12   Ioalus/Gabrielle (exclusive costume card; also listed above)
 P3    (album exclusive; also listed below)

Multi-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

QC1    Xena/Gabrielle/Hercules/Ioalus (quad costume card; 2 cases)
DA9    Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo (dual autograph card; 3 cases)


 P1    ("Trading Cards" under "Dangerous Liaisons" on back; general distribution)
 P1    (blank under "Dangerous Liaisons" on back; general distribution)
 P2    (Non-Sport Update)
 P3    (album exclusive)
 INT   (international)
 --    (dealer sell sheet)

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©2007, 2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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