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Xena: A Taste of Honey Cereal
Rittenhouse Archives - 2001

Notes: Several variations are seen in distribution. Original case included four
boxes for each character, filled with Taste of Honey breakfast cereal, plus three
unassembled flat boxes. The three flat boxes were also sold as a separate set.
Additional information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website. Thanks much to Isidre Prior for spotting the expansion set!


Character Boxes  

   Xena           (4 boxes:case)
   Gabrielle      (4 boxes:case)
   Calliso        (4 boxes:case)
   Xena           (1 unassembled box:case, flat)
   Gabrielle      (1 unassembled box:case, flat)
   Callisto       (1 unassembled box:case, flat)

Trading Cards (1:case, numbered to 600)

XC1   Xena
XC2   Gabrielle
XC3   Callisto

TRADING CARD SET (sold separately)

   Xena 1         (full-color front and back)
   Xena 2         (full-color front and back)
   Xena 3         (full-color front and back)
   Xena 4         (full-color front and back)
   Gabrielle 1    (full-color front and back)
   Gabrielle 2    (full-color front and back)
   Gabrielle 3    (full-color front and back)
   Gabrielle 4    (full-color front and back)
   Callisto 1     (full-color front and back)
   Callisto 2     (full-color front and back)
   Callisto 3     (full-color front and back)
   Callisto 4     (full-color front and back)

EXPANSION SET (sold separately)


©2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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