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Xena: Warrior Princess Preview Sets
  9-Card Set (General Distribution)
  6-Card Set (UK Distribution)
Rittenhouse Archives - 2001

Notes:  Distribution of the 9-card set was limited to 2,500 factory sets, and the
6-card UK set was limited to 999 sets.  They were previews for Rittenhouse's
first Xena set (Seasons 4 & 5).  Thanks much to Jennifer Johnson for the UK
checklist!  Additional information and scans for the 9-card set are posted at the
Rittenhouse website.


No.   Title

 P1   Xena in "Animal Attraction"
 P2   Gabrielle in "Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part 2
 P3   Xena in "A Good Day"
 P4   Eli in "Chakram"
 P5   Xena in "Chakram"
 P6   Gabrielle in "Fallen Angel"
 P7   Xena and Gabrielle in "Eternal Bond"
 P8   Gabrielle in "Married With Fishsticks"
 P9   Xena in "The Ides of March"


No.   Title

 X1   Xena
 X2   Gabrielle
 X3   Autolycus and Joxer
 X4   Ares
 X5   Callisto
 X6   Aphrodite

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