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The Quotable Xena, The Warrior Princess
Rittenhouse Archives - 2003

Notes:  Thanks much to Dori Smith for the costume-card update!  Further 
information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 EtchaFEX cards + 1 parallel Foil-Board cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets (138): approx. 1.32 per box if collation were perfect.
Parallel sets (138): approximately one per 3.45 boxes.

 No.    Text / Title                                      Episode

   1    In a time of Ancient Gods, Warlords & Kings a     Quotable Xena [title card]
   2    Xena: "Hello, Draco."  Draco: "Xena, you look     Sins of the Past
   3    Gabrielle: "So Zeus, in his appreciation, turn    Chariots of War
   4    Gabrielle: "I don't want to learn to kill, I w    Dreamworker
   5    Xena: "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to    Cradle of Hope
   6    Gabrielle: "You see Xena, the way I look at it    The Path Not Taken
   7    Ares: "You want more than just living. Danger     The Reckoning
   8    Crius: "We honor all friends of the Virgin God    The Titans
   9    Hercules: "You've been helping people."  Xena:    Prometheus
  10    Hades: "Always ready for a fight. That's why I    Death in Chains
  11    Gabrielle: "You know, I just thought of someth    Hooves and Harlots
  12    Flora: "Would you believe, Xena taught me to s    The Black Wolf
  13    Xena: "Run for your miserable lives."             Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
  14    Xena and Gabrielle: "I only remember one story    Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
  15    Xena: "Don't mess with my friend."  Petracles:    A Fistful of Dinars
  16    Gabrielle: "What was it like being her?"  Xena    Warrior...Princess
  17    Gabrielle: "Consider the consequences if you'r    Mortal Beloved
  18    Xena: "Hercules isn't as blind as you think. B    The Royal Couple of Thieves
  19    Xena: "Hey, you alright?"  Gabrielle: "Yeah ..    The Prodigal
  20    Xena: "Didn't your mother ever teach you it's     Altared States
  21    Ares: "Sometimes the best man for a job is a w    Ties That Bind
  22    Xena: "I wish you two would just get along."      The Greater Good
  23    Joxer: "Warrior Queen, forgive my intrustion."    Callisto
  24    Gabrielle: "If you shot ten arrows at me, how     Deathmask
  25    Gabrielle: "I wanted to thank you for saving m    Is There a Doctor in the House...?
  26    Kaleipus: "Xena, Destroyer of Nations, you pro    Orphan of War
  27    Gabrielle: "I reminded you of your friend."  X    Remember Nothing
  28    David: "Gabrielle, don't!"  Gabrielle: "Look,     Giant Killer
  29    Xena: "Gabrielle ... do it."                      Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  30    Callisto: "Love is a trick that nature plays o    Return of Callisto
  31    Meg: "My father died in childbirth."  Gabriell    Warrior...Princess...Tramp
  32    Ares: "My plan? My plan is what it always has     Intimate Stranger
  33    Ares: "What's this infernal throbbing in my he    Ten Little Warlords
  34    Xena: "Happy Solstice."  Gabrielle: "Well... W    A Solstice Carol
  35    Jack: "These are the scrolls, man."  Rob Taper    The Xena Scrolls
  36    Xena: "Beauty contest! You sent urgent word fo    Here She Comes..Miss Amphipolis
  37    Caesar: "I could have sold you and all your fr    Destiny
  38    Autolycus: "alright, but here are the rules. N    The Quest
  39    Velasca: "You must have a death wish."  Callis    A Necessary Evil
  40    Gabrielle: "Another one's falling for you."  X    A Day in the Life
  41    Joxer: "Joxer the Mighty, he's very tidy, ever    For Him the Bell Tolls
  42    Meleager: "You are so good, as good as I was o    The Execution
  43    Xena: "You are wrong to mold yourself on who I    Blind Faith
  44    Xena: "I'm not in love with you. I don't think    Ulysses
  45    Xena: "If I'm going to die, I'm gonna die as I    The Price
  46    Cecrops: "You're staying with us. You don't se    Lost Mariner
  47    Xena: "I'm sorry, sweetie, that hurt me a lot     A Comedy of Eros
  48    Xena: "I love the smell of warrior sweat in th    The Furies
  49    Xena: "Joxer? Joxer, you should be dead."         Been There, Done That
  50    Xena: "It's about time you showed up."  Ares:     The Dirty Half Dozen
  51    Gabrielle: "Meridian."  Xena: "She's dead. Gab    The Deliverer
  52    Gabrielle: "Hey, could I have some cherries, t    Gabrielle`s Hope
  53    Lao Ma: "You must be Xena."  Xena: "Oh, you've    The Debt I
  54    Xena: "You could kill someone using a hair bro    The Debt II
  55    Cleopatra: "I think you will find my offer qui    King of Assassins
  56    Gabrielle: "Believe me, if I have to go the re    Warrior...Priestess...Tramp
  57    Minya: "So, who's the stud, the dork and the b    The Quill is Mightier
  58    Xena: "Hurt my son and I swear by any god you     Maternal Instincts
  59    Holyph: "Fate is a wheel, it will reveal all y    The Bitter Suite
  60    Gabrielle: "The Persians are out there, aren't    One Against an Army
  61    Gabrielle: "Xena, I'll understand just this on    Forgiven
  62    Xena: "I have many skills, most of which I use    King Con
  63    Caesar: "Prison hardly seems the place to tell    When in Rome
  64    Joxer: "Look, I just want the old Gabrielle ba    Forget Me Not
  65    Joxer: "Oh! Great White Monkey Xena, come for     Fins, Femmes and Gems
  66    Gabrielle: "Have another look ... what? What i    Tsunami
  67    Gabrielle: "That's what makes doing work like     Vanishing Act
  68    Ares: "Callisto is not a true god. She was mor    Sacrifice I
  69    Gabrielle: "Hope, when I gave you that poison.    Sacrifice II
  70    Xena: "These powers you're after ..."  Alti: "    Adventures in the Sin Trade I
  71    Xena: "Who's this? Who died?"  Cyane: "A young    Adventures in the Sin Trade II
  72    Xena: "I'm gonna need a backup plan, It's not     A Family Affair
  73    Gabrielle: "Oh, so, I mean, what could happen?    In Sickness and in Hell
  74    Pompey: "Why not just kill us both?"  Xena: "A    A Good Day
  75    Autolycus: "Gabrielle, I sense that there's so    A Tale of Two Muses
  76    Gabrielle: "So, how about it?"  Xena: "How abo    Locked Up and Tied Down
  77    Xena: "She's too dangerous a girl to have on t    Crusader
  78    Xena: "You've lost you edge, Borias. You lost     Past Imperfect
  79    Meg: "I've got a shamrock and I know how to us    Key to the Kingdom
  80    Xena: "Gabriellle, because of you, Rahl and Ad    Daughter of Pomira
  81    Joxer: "Well, at least that nutty broad, Aphro    If the Shoe Fits
  82    Gabrielle: "It's funny, I come to places like     Paradise Found
  83    Xena: "I'm warning you, Tataka, get out while     Devi
  84    Alti: "What's the matter, Xena? Having a probl    Between the Lines
  85    Xena: "The Way? I've heard about the Way in Gr    The Way
  86    Gabrielle: "A brand new Sophocles play? It's o    The Play's The Thing
  87    Xena: "The guilt of killing never goes away, n    The Convert
  88    Discord: "You're telling me your horse killed     Takes One To Know One
  89    Amarice: "I was thinking about what you said,     Endgame
  90    Callisto: "I wanted to cease existing and you     Ides of March
  91    Annie/Joxer: "Annie Bannani, she kicks fanny.     Deja Vu All Over Again
  92    Michael: "Are you insane?"  Xena: "Depends who    Fallen Angel
  93    Gabrielle: "Xena, it's not your memory. It's l    Chakram
  94    Xena: "Tell you what -- the next bad guy we co    Succession
  95    Xena: "It's impossible! I cannot be pregnant!     Animal Attraction
  96    Alti: "Xena's little bitch ... welcome to the     Them Bones, Them Bones
  97    Xena & Kao Sin: "To conquer others is to have     Purity
  98    Xena: "To achieve a perfect stillness, one mus    Back in the Bottle
  99    Gabrielle: "You speak our language with such e    Little Problems
 100    Ares: "You, on the other hand, have been keepi    Seeds of Faith
 101    Xena: "I'm going to kill you."  Cyrene: "All I    Lyre Lyre, Hearts on Fire
 102    Aphrodite: "So, what did Xena do when she foun    Punchlines
 103    Hercules: "She's beautiful."  Xena: "Thank you    God Fearing Child
 104    Joxer: "Why don't you love me, Gabrielle?"  Ga    Eternal Bonds
 105    Ares: "Ouch. Athena is beating you like a dog     Amphipolis Under Siege
 106    Sturgina: "Question - how do you deal with you    Married with Fishsticks
 107    Gabrielle: "... And so, the Amazon legacy - to    Lifeblood
 108    Gabrielle: "Xena, Joxer's going to be blinded.    Kindred Spirits
 109    Gabrielle: "Xena!"  Xena: "You were right, Gab    Antony and Cleopatra
 110    Ares: "Your with her now. I handled you all wr    Looking Death in the Eye
 111    Xena: "Eve, I know you're angry. Give us time.    Livia
 112    Gabrielle: "Joxer, what were you doing?"  Joxe    Eve
 113    Gabrielle: "Looks like you got your daughter b    Motherhood
 114    Ares: "Xena ... is there even a chance we coul    Coming Home
 115    Mephistopheles: "I am at last made flesh!"  Xe    The Haunting of Amphipolis
 116    Xena: "We have much in common."  Lucifer: "Of     Heart of Darkness
 117    Eve: "She doesn't havae what it takes to kill     Who's Gurkhan?
 118    Gabrielle: "Last night I thought letting them     Legacy
 119    Gabrielle: "Virgil, I'm so sorry."  Virgin: "F    The Abyss
 120    Xena: "Gabrielle, I've gone to take care of so    The Rheingold
 121    Brunnhilda: "Xena, I have waited my entire lif    The Ring
 122    Xena: "What's the matter with your men? They l    Return of the Valkyrie
 123    Ares: "It's a wolf."  Gabrielle: "It's not a w    Old Ares Had a Farm
 124    Varia: "What is it?"  Xena: "Something's not r    Dangerous Prey
 125    Xena: "Who did this?"  Michael: "Caligula. You    The God You Know
 126    Nigel: "Are you still jealous that Ares was ob    You Are There
 127    Ares: "You had this planned all along. You are    Path of Vengeance
 128    Gabrielle: "Why are you looking at me like tha    To Helicon and Back
 129    Alti: "Xena wasn't always an angel in the earl    Send in the Clones
 130    Belach: "Not another step! Or we'll snap his n    The Last of the Centaurs
 131    Gabrielle: "Xena! Xena, when I thought I was g    When Fates Collide
 132    Gabrielle: "... There's a moment when I look a    Many Happy Returns
 133    Meg: "Who's my little bubba? My little bubba.     Soul Possession
 134    Xena: "Gabrielle, if I only had 30 seconds to     A Friend in Need 1
 135    Gabrielle: "A life of journeying has brought y    A Friend in Need 2

Checklist Triptych

  C1    Quotable Xena Checklist: 1-68
  C2    Quotable Xena Checklist: 69-135, C1-C3
  C3    Quotable Xena Checklist: Bonus Cards


Words from the Bard (1:4 packs)

  B1    "You don't have to be strong all the time, Xen    Chariots of War
  B2    "There is only one way to change this cycle of    Callisto
  B3    "The true secret of life is to find peace in y    Is There A Doctor In The House
  B4    "Love is gentle and soft, not violent and crue    For Him the Bell Tolls
  B5    It's more important to remember the love you c    Lost Mariner
  B6    "When it's right, love can be the most potent     A Comedy of Eros
  B7    "If you're looking for perfection, we all fall    Locked Up and Tied Down
  B8    "I think you have to know the darkest part of     Chakram
  B9    "There's more to being a warrior than skill. T    The Ring

Eternal Friends (1:10 packs)

  E1    Xena: "If this is to be our Destiny, let's see    One Against an Army
  E2    Xena: "How many more times are you going to fo    When in Rome
  E3    Xena: "You talk about finding your Way, but to    A Family Affair
  E4    Gabrielle: "You know what she said? She said t    Between the Lines
  E5    Xena: "I made you leave the Way of Love. That     Ides of March
  E6    Xena: "Are you a demon ... or my own mind made    Return of the Valkyrie
  E7    Xena: "this is not your fault. This is not you    The Abyss
  E8    Gabrielle: "You're my whole life, Xena. I won'    Friend In Need, Part 2
  E9    Gabrielle: "I love you, Xena. How am I suppose    Friend In Need, Part 2

Xena In Motion (1:40 packs)

  M1    In a time of ancient gods, Warlords and kings.
  M2    ...a land in turmoil cried out for a hero.
  M3    She was Xena, a mighty princess,
  M4    forged in the heat of battle.
  M5    The Power... the passion... the danger...
  M6    Her courage will change the world.

Forged in the Heat of Battle Die-Cut Cards (1:40 packs)

  F1    "Am I getting too old for this? ... Nah!"         Seeds of Faith
  F2    "Fear is a weapon of the Wicked, but a tool of    Back in the Bottle
  F3    "Goddess of Wisdom, you got two choices - eith    Motherhood
  F4    "I say ... kill 'em all!"                         The Debt, Part I
  F5    "You'll be dead in thirty seconds. But know th    Destiny
  F6    "Caligula ... I have been killing gods for yea    The God You Know

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs for all autographs)
        Normal = 500 and up; Limited = 300-500 range

 A35    Tsianina Joelson as Vaira
 A36    Alex Mendoza as Lucifer
 A37    Jaqueline Kim as Lao Ma
 A38    Bruce Campbell as Autolycus
 A39    David Franklin as Brutus
 A40    Tony Todd as Cecrops
 A41    John D'Aquino as Ulysses
 A42    Colin Moy as Phantes
 A43    Joel Tobeck as Deimos
 A44    Jay Laga'aia as Draco
 A45    Dean O'Gorman as Homer
 A46    Jeff Thomas as Cycnus
 A47    Charles Mesure as Archangel Michael
 A48    Daniel Sing as Ming T'ien (Limited)
 A49    George Kee Cheung as Ghengis Khan
 A50    William Gregory Lee as Virgil
 A51    Gina Torres as Cleopatra

        Dual Autograph Cards

 DA3    Alexandra Tydings as Crabella / Meighan Desmond as Sturgina (Limited)
 DA4    Karl Urban as Cupid / Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite (Limited)
 DA5    Karl Urban as Ceasar / David Franklin as Brutus (Limited)
 DA6    Daniel Sing as Ming T'ien / Marie Matiko as Pao S'su (Limited)
  --    (no DA7 distributed at series release)
 DA8    Ted Raimi as Harry / Lucy Lawless as Annie (Limited)

From the Archives Autograph Costume Cards (1:200 packs)

 AC4    Lucy Lawless as Xena                              Soul Possession
 AC5    Erik Thomson as Hades                             Death in Chains
 AC6    Bruce Campbell as Autolycus                       Vanishing Act
 AC7    Timothy Omundson as Eli                           Seeds of Faith
 AC8    Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite                    For Him the Bell Tolls
 AC9    Victoria Pratt as Cyane                           Adventures in the Sin Trade

Case Topper Motion Card

 CT1    (swinging sword)

Dealer Incentive Card (multi-case purchases)

AC10    Renee O'Connor (Autograph Costume Card)

Card Album

  --    The Quotable Xena (binder)
  --    (15 - 9-pocket pages)
  P3    (Gabrielle, Xena, Argo; exclusive promo)
 C14    Lucy Lawless as Xena (exclusive costume card)     Royal Couple of Thieves
          (variations: light blue, or dark green/aqua)

Archive Boxes (master set of all cards found in packs)

  --    (marked on outside)
  --    (not marked on outside)


Convention-2003  (Xena with chakram; various conventions)
  P1             (Xena and Argo; general distribution)
  P2             (Xena; Non-Sport Update)
  P3             (binder exclusive, also listed above)
  --             (dealer sell sheet, double-sided)


  1QX   Quotable Xena [title card]
  2QX   Sins of the Past
  3QX   Chariots of War
  4QX   Dreamworker
  5QX   Cradle of Hope
  6QX   The Path Not Taken
  7QX   The Reckoning
  8QX   The Titans
  9QX   Prometheus
 10QX   Death in Chains
 11QX   Hooves and Harlots
 12QX   The Black Wolf
 13QX   Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
 14QX   Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
 15QX   A Fistful of Dinars
 16QX   Warrior...Princess
 17QX   Mortal Beloved
 18QX   The Royal Couple of Thieves
 19QX   The Prodigal
 20QX   Altared States
 21QX   Ties That Bind
 22QX   The Greater Good
 23QX   Callisto
 24QX   Deathmask
 25QX   Is There a Doctor in the House...?
 26QX   Orphan of War
 27QX   Remember Nothing
 28QX   Giant Killer
 29QX   Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
 30QX   Return of Callisto
 31QX   Warrior...Princess...Tramp
 32QX   Intimate Stranger
 33QX   Ten Little Warlords
 34QX   A Solstice Carol
 35QX   The Xena Scrolls
 36QX   Here She Comes..Miss Amphipolis
 37QX   Destiny
 38QX   The Quest
 39QX   A Necessary Evil
 40QX   A Day in the Life
 41QX   For Him the Bell Tolls
 42QX   The Execution
 43QX   Blind Faith
 44QX   Ulysses
 45QX   The Price
 46QX   Lost Mariner
 47QX   A Comedy of Eros
 48QX   The Furies
 49QX   Been There, Done That
 50QX   The Dirty Half Dozen
 51QX   The Deliverer
 52QX   Gabrielle`s Hope
 53QX   The Debt I
 54QX   The Debt II
 55QX   King of Assassins
 56QX   Warrior...Priestess...Tramp
 57QX   The Quill is Mightier
 58QX   Maternal Instincts
 59QX   The Bitter Suite
 60QX   One Against an Army
 61QX   Forgiven
 62QX   King Con
 63QX   When in Rome
 64QX   Forget Me Not
 65QX   Fins, Femmes and Gems
 66QX   Tsunami
 67QX   Vanishing Act
 68QX   Sacrifice I
 69QX   Sacrifice II
 70QX   Adventures in the Sin Trade I
 71QX   Adventures in the Sin Trade II
 72QX   A Family Affair
 73QX   In Sickness and in Hell
 74QX   A Good Day
 75QX   A Tale of Two Muses
 76QX   Locked Up and Tied Down
 77QX   Crusader
 78QX   Past Imperfect
 79QX   Key to the Kingdom
 80QX   Daughter of Pomira
 81QX   If the Shoe Fits
 82QX   Paradise Found
 83QX   Devi
 84QX   Between the Lines
 85QX   The Way
 86QX   The Play's The Thing
 87QX   The Convert
 88QX   Takes One To Know One
 89QX   Endgame
 90QX   Ides of March
 91QX   Deja Vu All Over Again
 92QX   Fallen Angel
 93QX   Chakram
 94QX   Succession
 95QX   Animal Attraction
 96QX   Them Bones, Them Bones
 97QX   Purity
 98QX   Back in the Bottle
 99QX   Little Problems
100QX   Seeds of Faith
101QX   Lyre Lyre, Hearts on Fire
102QX   Punchlines
103QX   God Fearing Child
104QX   Eternal Bonds
105QX   Amphipolis Under Siege
106QX   Married with Fishsticks
107QX   Lifeblood
108QX   Kindred Spirits
109QX   Antony and Cleopatra
110QX   Looking Death in the Eye
111QX   Livia
112QX   Eve
113QX   Motherhood
114QX   Coming Home
115QX   The Haunting of Amphipolis
116QX   Heart of Darkness
117QX   Who's Gurkhan?
118QX   Legacy
119QX   The Abyss
120QX   The Rheingold
121QX   The Ring
122QX   Return of the Valkyrie
123QX   Old Ares Had a Farm
124QX   Dangerous Prey
125QX   The God You Know
126QX   You Are There
127QX   Path of Vengeance
128QX   To Helicon and Back
129QX   Send in the Clones
130QX   The Last of the Centaurs
131QX   When Fates Collide
132QX   Many Happy Returns
133QX   Soul Possession
134QX   A Friend in Need 1
135QX   A Friend in Need 2
C1QX    Checklist (1-68)
C2QX    Checklist (69-135 & C1-C3)
C3QX    Checklist (bonus cards)

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