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   Intrepid - 1997

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.72 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title / Alt. No.           Episode

   Major Players

 01   Fox Mulder                 
 02   Dana Scully                
 03   Walter Skinner             
 04   Deep Throat                
 05   X                          
 06   Senator Matheson           
 07   Langly                     
 08   Byers                      
 09   Frohike                    
 10   The Cigarette-Smoking Man  
 11   The Well-Manicured Man     
 12   The First Elder            
 13   Duane Barry                
 14   The Alien Bounty Hunter    
 15   Alex Krycek                
 16   William Mulder             
 17   Tena Mulder                
 18   Samantha Mulder
 19   1X71/01                    Pilot
 20   1X71/02                    Pilot
 21   1X71/03                    Pilot
 22   1X01/01                    Deep Throat
 23   1X01/02                    Deep Throat
 24   1X01/03                    Deep Throat
 25   1X03/01                    Conduit
 26   1X03/02                    Conduit
 27   1X03/03                    Conduit
 28   1X09/01                    Fallen Angel
 29   1X09/02                    Fallen Angel
 30   1X09/03                    Fallen Angel
 31   1X16/01                    E.B.E.
 32   1X16/02                    E.B.E.
 33   1X16/03                    E.B.E.
 34   1X23/01                    The Erlenmeyer Flask
 35   1X23/02                    The Erlenmeyer Flask
 36   1X23/03                    The Erlenmeyer Flask
 37   2X01/01                    Little Green Men
 38   2X01/02                    Little Green Men
 39   2X01/03                    Little Green Men
 40   2X05-06/01                 Duane Barry/Ascension
 41   2X05-06/02                 Duane Barry/Ascension
 42   2X05-06/03                 Duane Barry/Ascension
 43   2X05-06/04                 Duane Barry/Ascension
 44   2X05-06/05                 Duane Barry/Ascension
 45   2X05-06/06                 Duane Barry/Ascension
 46   2X10/01                    Red Museum
 47   2X10/02                    Red Museum
 48   2X10/03                    Red Museum
 49   2X16-17/01                 Colony/End Game
 50   2X16-17/02                 Colony/End Game
 51   2X16-17/03                 Colony/End Game
 52   2X16-17/04                 Colony/End Game
 53   2X16-17/05                 Colony/End Game
 54   2X16-17/06                 Colony/End Game
 55   2X18/01                    Fearful Symmetry
 56   2X18/02                    Fearful Symmetry
 57   2X18/03                    Fearful Symmetry
 58   2X25/01                    Anasazi
 59   2X25/02                    Anasazi
 60   2X25/03                    Anasazi
 61   3X01/01                    The Blessing Way
 62   3X01/02                    The Blessing Way
 63   3X01/03                    The Blessing Way
 64   3X02/01                    Paper Clip
 65   3X02/02                    Paper Clip
 66   3X02/03                    Paper Clip
 67   3X09-10/01                 Nisei/731
 68   3X09-10/02                 Nisei/731
 69   3X09-10/03                 Nisei/731
 70   3X09-10/04                 Nisei/731
 71   3X09-10/05                 Nisei/731
 72   3X09-10/06                 Nisei/731
 73   3X12/01                    War of the Coprophages
 74   3X12/02                    War of the Coprophages
 75   3X12/03                    War of the Coprophages
 76   3X15-16/01                 Piper Maru/Apocrypha
 77   3X15-16/02                 Piper Maru/Apocrypha
 78   3X15-16/03                 Piper Maru/Apocrypha
 79   3X15-16/04                 Piper Maru/Apocrypha
 80   3X15-16/05                 Piper Maru/Apocrypha
 81   3X15-16/06                 Piper Maru/Apocrypha
 82   3X20/01                    Jose Chung's from Outer Space
 83   3X20/02                    Jose Chung's from Outer Space
 84   3X20/03                    Jose Chung's from Outer Space
 85   3X24/01                    Talitha Cumi
 86   3X24/02                    Talitha Cumi
 87   3X24/03                    Talitha Cumi
 88   3X24/04                    Talitha Cumi
 89   3X24/05                    Talitha Cumi
 90   Checklist


Alien Visitations Foil Cards (1:6 packs)

 A1   The Wellspring
 A2   Alien Abductors
 A3   Samantha Clones
 A4   Gregor Clones
 A5   The Alien Bounty Hunter
 A6   Alien Parasite
 A7   Abducted Alien
 A8   Lord Kinbote
 A9   Jeremiah Smith

Alien Visitations "No Shine" Variants (scarce; issued non-glossy without foil look)

 A1   The Wellspring
 A2   Alien Abductors
 A3   Samantha Clones
 A4   Gregor Clones
 A5   The Alien Bounty Hunter
 A6   Alien Parasite
 A7   Abducted Alien
 A8   Lord Kinbote
 A9   Jeremiah Smith

Colony Cels Acetate Cards (1:24 packs)

 C1   (girl and blob)
 C2   (needle probe)
 C3   (grabbing head)

Box-Topper Card

 --  (Bonus Card)

Case-Topper Card (international sales; 500 made)

 --  Teen Taken from Tent by Aliens

Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

XF1   (sheet of A1-A2-A3)
XF2   (sheet of A4-A5-A6)
XF3   (sheet of A7-A8-A9)
XF4   (sheet of C1-C2-C3)


 --   (unnumbered)
 --   (dealer sell sheet)

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