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The X-Files Season Two
   Topps - 1996

Note:  Included was a foil-stamped parallel set, distributed one card per pack.
There were a lot of cards in this set that were rushed to the printer, then corrected
in a second print run.  At the bottom of this list I try to identify all of the ones
that I know about, but please let me know if there are some others.  The variations
occur for both the regular and parallel cards.  Thanks to Warp9 Cards and Dave 
Foster for updates! And Laurent Malgras (thanks!) reports that a French edition 
was also produced by Topps.

Topps U.K./Merlin printed the cards in Ireland for European distribution, with
packs that did not include the parallel cards or the foil or hologram inserts. These
cards are virtually identical to the North American version except for the checklist
card, which omits mention of the inserts. Tammy Alexandre (thanks!) observes 
that the "X" on the card backs is a paler shade of pink, which may be the major 
way to distinguish between the two distributions.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 parallel foil-stamped card.
Common sets: approx. 3.93 per box if collation were perfect.
Parallel sets: approximately 0.50 per box.
European Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approximately 3.00 per box.

No.  Title


 1   Title/Credits
 2   Introduction
 3   Mulder, Fox
 4   Scully, Dana Katherine
 5   Skinner, Walter S.
 6   The Cigarette-Smoking Man
 7   Kaycek, Alex
 8   The Lone Gunmen
 9   X


10   2X01 "Little Green Men"
11   2X02 "The Host"
12   2X03 "Blood"
13   2X04 "Sleepless"
14   2X05 "Duane Barry"
15   2X06 "Ascension"
16   2X07 "3"
17   2X08 "One Breath"
18   2X09 "Firewalker"
19   2X10 "Red Museum"
20   2X11 "Excelsius Dei"
21   2X12 "Aubrey"
22   2X13 "Irresistible"
23   2X14 "Die Hand Die Verletzt"
24   2X15 "Fresh Bones"
25   2X16 "Colony"
26   2X17 "End Game."
27   2X18 "Fearful Symmetry"
28   2X19 "Dod Halm"
29   2X20 "Humbug"
30   2X21 "The Calusari"
31   2X22 "F. Emasculata"
32   2X23 "Soft Light"
33   2X24 "Our Town"
34   2X25 "Anasazi"


35   The Secrets of the X-Files
36   Conventions and Fandom


37   alien abductor
38   Flukeman
39   alien experimenters
40   vampires
41   volcanic lifeform
42   alien bounty hunter
43   freakish twin
44   shadow
45   merchandise


46   the head of this ET
47   Costume check for three of the 4
48   the terrifying "demon head"
49   complex rubber bodysuit
50   Just before driving his car directly
51   A serene Agent Scully
52   Literally a mammoth undertaking,
53   A young lab assistant
54   What can only be a UFO zips past
55   The X-Files camera crew sets up a
56   Actor David Duchovny and
57   An alien contraption only a dentist

Season in Review

58   Scully, recuperating in a Washingto
59   In Dudley, Arkansas, local
60   Sccully seems oblivious to the
61   Special meetings of high-ranking
62   Fox Mulder comforts a despairing
63   An off-screen Agent Mulder holds a
64   Eight-year old Samantha Mulder is
65   The amphibious Flukeman is killed
66   The clone of a woman claiming to
67   On a boat trapped in the Norwegian
68   A striking shot from the episode
69   Is this innocent-looking boy
70   The scorched remains of a human
71   William Mulder, a man tormented by

72   The Truth Is Out There Checklist

72   The Truth Is Out There Checklist
     (European printing; omits reference to chase cards)


Etched Foils (1:12 packs)

i1   "Trepanning Opera"
i2   Silent Cities of the Mind, Part One
i3   Silent Cities of the Mind, Part Two
i4   Feelings of Unreality, Part One: Wheels Within Wheels
i5   Feelings of Unreality, Part Two: The Ancient of Days
i6   Feelings of Unreality, Part Three: The Nightmare of History

3-D Holograms (1:18 packs)

X1   Agents Mulder and Scully
X2   Dana Scully
X3   The Truth is Out There
X4   "Scully and Mulder"

Uncut Sheet (Case Bonus)

--   (6-card panel of etched foils i1-i6)

Card Album

--   (Binder; same for first three series)


0    (Art by Miran Kim; X-Files Magazine)
P1   (Levitating person; Combo)
P1   (Same image as above, inset in 5-3/8" x 7-1/2" sheet)
P2   (Mulder & Scully, blue light)
P3   (Human tapeworm; Advance)
P4   (Alien skeleton; Cards Illustrated)
P5   (Old Mulder; dealer promo and conventions)

--   (snake, Mulder, Scully, flying saucer; 6-1/2" x 10"; art by Miran Kim; 
        also promotes Season 1, MasterVisions, and other X-Files properties)

These cards were issued initially with errors that were corrected in a later
print run.  The "variation" (original) cards are quite rare in the North Ameri-
can distribution, but were common with the European printing. There may
be more of these than I list below; I show the affected text before and after the
change. Card #7 may have been discovered by Topps after the other cards were
corrected, because I purchased a box when the set was first released, and
this is the only card on the list that shows the "variation" text.  The Topps
U.K./Merlin (European) printing shows the "variation" text except for cards
1 and 36.

Card   Variation (Original)           Regular (Corrected)

 1     (missing credits)              The X-Files Created by Chris Carter
 2     ... Mulder's parents.          ... Mulder's parents and cloned sister.
 7     The Cigarette-Smoking Man      Smoking Man
10     The Cigarette-Smoking Man      Smoking Man
11     ... X-Files is at hand ...     ... X-Files-like case is at hand ...
12     destroyed electronic devices   destroyed electronics
13     The Cigarette-Smoking Man      Smoking Man
14     ... agent who claims ...       ... agent escapes ...
15     The Cigarette-Smoking Man      Smoking Man
17     The Cigarette-Smoking Man      Smoking Man
21     ... policewoman unearths ...   ... policewoman experiences ...
25     ... doctors who are identical  ... doctors with the same face ...
26     ... returned sister ...        ... returned loved one ...
27     ... various properties ...     ... various property ...
28     ... U.S.S. Ardent ...          ... U.S.S. Argent ...
31     The Cigarette-Smoking Man      Smoking Man
34     The Cigarette-Smoking Man      Smoking Man
36     (graveyard scene)              (Carter photo)
37     ... alien abduction ...        ... alien abductor ...

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