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The X-Files Season Three
Topps - 1996

Notes:  Also produced was a foil-stamped parallel set, distributed one card per 
pack. No foil card was produced for checklist card #72, so the parallel set contains 
only 71 cards. Thanks to Paul Heuristchen for the update!

No.    Title                                      Type

 1     The X-Files created by Chris Carter        Title Card
 2     Introduction                               Introduction
 3     Mulder, Fox William                        Profiles
 4     Scully, Dana Katherine                     Profiles
 5     Skinner, Walter S.                         Profiles
 6     The Cigarette-Smoking Man                  Profiles
 7     X                                          Profiles
 8     The Lone Gunmen                            Profiles
 9     The Well-Manicured Man                     Profiles
10     3X01 The Blessing Way                      Profiles
11     3X02 Paper Clip                            Profiles
12     3X03 D.P.O.                                Profiles
13     3X04 Clyde Bruchman's Final Repose         Profiles
14     3X05 The List                              Profiles
15     3X06 2Shy                                  Profiles
16     3X07 The Walk                              Profiles
17     3X08 Oubliette                             Profiles
18     3X09 Nisei                                 Profiles
19     3X10 731                                   Profiles
20     3X11 Revelations                           Profiles
21     3X12 War of the Coprophages                Profiles
22     3X13 Syzygy                                Profiles
23     3X14 Grotesque                             Profiles
24     3X15 Piper Maru                            Profiles
25     3X16 Apocrypha                             Profiles
26     3X17 Pusher                                Profiles
27     3X18 Teso Dos Bichos                       Profiles
28     3X19 Hell Money                            Profiles
29     3X20 Jose Chung's From Outer Space         Profiles
30     3X21 Avatar                                Profiles
31     3X22 Quagmire                              Profiles
32     3X23 Wetwired                              Profiles
33     3X24 Talitha Cumi                          Profiles
34     More Secrets of the X-Files                Events
35     The X-Files on Video                       Events
36     The X-Files on Video II                    Events
37     Lightning Boy                              Paranormals
38     Reincarnated for Revenge                   Paranormals
39     The Monster Called Madness                 Paranormals
40     Genetically Different Human                Paranormals
41     Unwitting Victim                           Paranormals
42     Lethal Apparition                          Paranormals
43     Emulsified Remains                         Paranormals
44     Inhuman Internees                          Paranormals
45     Embittered Veteran                         Paranormals
46     Demonic Madman's Fall                      Paranormals
47     Victim of Vengeance                        Paranormals
48     Insect Perspective                         Paranormals
49     Alien Autopsy Subject                      Paranormals
50     Extraterrestrial Abduction                 Paranormals
51     The Man with the Power                     Paranormals
52     Robotic Insect                             Production
53     Decapitation Sculptings                    Production
54     Bruckman's Decomposition                   Production
55     Alien Ooze Appliance                       Production
56     Cockroach Crossing                         Production
57     Cyclopean Alien                            Production
58     731 Extraterrestrials                      Production
59     Liquefied Corpse                           Production
60     Grotesque Sculpting                        Production
61     Awaken the Sleep of Reason                 Season
62     A System of Secret Files                   Season
63     Prophecy of Death for Mulder               Season
64     Monsters Begetting Monsters                Season
65     An Apology for the Truth                   Season
66     Smart Is Sexy                              Season
67     At the Center of a "Cosmic G-Spot"         Season
68     An Exchange of Information                 Season
69     The Truths Are Out There                   Season
70     Guardian Angel                             Season
71     A Miraculous Individual                    Season
72     Checklist                                  Checklist


Etched-Foil Cards

i1     One Player Only
i2     Falling
i3     Home of the Brave, Part One: The New World
i4     Home of the Brave, Part Two: A Question of Ownership
i5     Thin Air
i6     Night Lights, Part One

Paranormals Finest Cards

X3PF1  Episode 3X04
X3PF2  Episode 3X10

Hologram Cards

X1     Fox Mulder
X2     Agents Scully and Mulder

Uncut Sheet (Case Bonus)

--   (6-card panel of etched foils i1-i6)


P1     Season Three
P5     (Conventions)

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