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The X-Files Season 8
   Inkworks - 2002

Note:  The limited-edition 9-panel mini-press sheet includes the puzzle
card images from this series and from Seasons 4/5 and Seasons 6/7.  Further 
informationand scans are  posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.33 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Card Text / Description                              Episode / Subset

   01    With Mulder abducted, a pregnant Scully searches f   >>>>>>>>the truth is out there
   02    Scully is haunted by nightmares of Mulder being to   8x01>>>>>>>>within
   03    Doggett is quick to assume that Mulder is trying t   8x01>>>>>>>>within
   04    Writer: Chris Carter. Director: Kim Manners. Guest   8x01>>>>>>>>within
   05    As Doggett points his weapon, Mulder jumps off the   8x02>>>>>>>>without.11.12.00
   06    Skinner takes the injured Gibson to the hospital,    8x02>>>>>>>>without.11.12.00
   07    Writer: Chris Carter. Director: Kim Manners. Guest   8x02>>>>>>>>without.11.12.00
   08    Attorney Martin Wells is led out of prison, while    8x03>>>>>>>>redrum.12.10.00
   09    Wells wakes again the day before, and sees a flash   8x03>>>>>>>>redrum.12.10.00
   10    Writer: Steven Maeda. Story by: Steven Maeda & Dan   8x03>>>>>>>>redrum.12.10.00
   11    Evidence surrounding a homicide case seems to cont   8x04>>>>>>>>patience.11.19.00
   12    Writer and Director: Chris Carter. Guest cast: Bra   8x04>>>>>>>>patience.11.19.00
   13    Scully leaves Doggett behind when she investigates   8x05>>>>>>>>roadrunners.11.26.00
   14    As Scully screams in horror, the cult members take   8x05>>>>>>>>roadrunners.11.26.00
   15    Writer: Vince Gilligan. Director: Rod Hardy. Guest   8x05>>>>>>>>roadrunners.11.26.00
   16    Seven-year-old Billy Underwood mysteriously vanish   8x06>>>>>>>>invocation.12.03.00
   17    The agents question a boy named Ronnie, who was se   8x06>>>>>>>>invocation.12.03.00
   18    Writer: David Amann. Director: Richard Compton. Gu   8x06>>>>>>>>invocation.12.03.00
   19    Doggett and Skinner investigate the deaths of fell   8x07>>>>>>>>via negativa.12.17.00
   20    Doggett and Skinner find Tipet trying to kill hims   8x07>>>>>>>>via negativa.12.17.00
   21    Writer: Frank Spotnitz. Director: Tony Wharmby. Gu   8x07>>>>>>>>via negativa.12.17.00
   22    Duffy Haskell tells Doggett and Scully that his wi   8x08>>>>>>>>per manum.02.18.01
   23    Mary Hendershot comes to Scully asserting that bot   8x08>>>>>>>>per manum.02.18.01
   24    Writers: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz. Director:    8x08>>>>>>>>per manum.02.18.01
   25    When a man is shot through the top of his head ins   8x09>>>>>>>>surekill.01.07.01
   26    Scully and Doggett ask Tammi what she knows about    8x09>>>>>>>>surekill.01.07.01
   27    Writer: Greg Walker. Director: Terrence O'Hara. Gu   8x09>>>>>>>>surekill.01.07.01
   28    Curt Delario's car hits something. Instead of impa   8x10>>>>>>>>salvage.01.14.01
   29    While Ray stays at a halfway house, a social worke   8x10>>>>>>>>salvage.01.14.01
   30    Writer: Jeffrey Bell. Director: Rod Hardy. Guest c   8x10>>>>>>>>salvage.01.14.01
   31    Hoping to find clues to Mulder's whereabouts, Dogg   8x11>>>>>>>>the gift.02.04.01
   32    At the home of an old woman linked to the transien   8x11>>>>>>>>the gift.02.04.01
   33    Writer: Frank Spotnitz. Director: Kim Manners. Gue   8x11>>>>>>>>the gift.02.04.01
   34    An Indian mystic seeking revenge on a chemical com   8x12>>>>>>>>badlaa.01.21.01
   35    Writer: John Shiban. Director: Tony Wharmby. Guest   8x12>>>>>>>>badlaa.01.21.01
   36    When an unknown deadly pathogen surfaces underneat   8x13>>>>>>>>medusa.02.11.01
   37    As Scully pleads with the transit boss to not reop   8x13>>>>>>>>medusa.02.11.01
   38    Writer: Frank Spotnitz. Director: Richard Compton.   8x13>>>>>>>>medusa.02.11.01
   39    Teresa Hoese, who was abducted at the same time as   8x14>>>>>>>>this is not happening.02.25.01
   40    The FBI raids Smith's farm, and his legion of foll   8x14>>>>>>>>this is not happening.02.25.01
   41    Writer: Chris Carter. Director: Kim Manners. Guest   8x14>>>>>>>>this is not happening.02.25.01
   42    Three months after Scully buries Mulder, Billy Mil   8x15>>>>>>>>deadalive.04.01.01
   43    After Skinner explains his motives, Doggett goes a   8x15>>>>>>>>deadalive.04.01.01
   44    Writer: Chris Carter. Director: Kim Manners. Guest   8x15>>>>>>>>deadalive.04.01.01
   45    When a Mexican Indian Mestizo worker on an oilrig    8x16>>>>>>>>vienen.04.29.01
   46    Doggett convinces Garza that he is not infected wi   8x16>>>>>>>>vienen.04.29.01
   47    Writer: Steven Maeda. Director: Rod Hardy. Guest c   8x16>>>>>>>>vienen.04.29.01
   48    Agent Reyes is looking into a case when she has a    8x17>>>>>>>>empedocles.04.22.01
   49    The suspect in Luke Doggett's murder who was surre   8x17>>>>>>>>empedocles.04.22.01
   50    Writer: Greg Walker. Director: Barry K. Thomas. Gu   8x17>>>>>>>>empedocles.04.22.01
   51    After Kersh denies his reinstatement on the X-file   8x18>>>>>>>>three words.04.08.01
   52    Knowing that Mulder distrusts him for getting Abso   8x18>>>>>>>>three words.04.08.01
   53    Writers: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz. Director:    8x18>>>>>>>>three words.04.08.01
   54    Gary Sacks goes missing after a large reptilian cr   8x19>>>>>>>>alone.05.06.01
   55    Harrison becomes completely blind and Sacks deteri   8x19>>>>>>>>alone.05.06.01
   56    Writer and Director: Frank Spotnitz. Guest cast: M   8x19>>>>>>>>alone.05.06.01
   57    Mrs. Scully hires Lizzy Gill as a baby nurse for h   8x20>>>>>>>>essence.05.13.01
   58    Scully catches Lizzy with her medicine, but Lizzy    8x20>>>>>>>>essence.05.13.01
   59    Writer: Chris Carter. Director: Kim Manners. Guest   8x20>>>>>>>>essence.05.13.01
   60    A metallic piece of vertebrae found in Billy Miles   8x21>>>>>>>>existence.05.20.01
   61    A game warden finds Scully and Reyes in the desert   8x21>>>>>>>>existence.05.20.01
   62    Reyes notices that the game warden has the alien v   8x21>>>>>>>>existence.05.20.01
   63    Writer: Chris Carter. Director: Kim Manners. Guest   8x21>>>>>>>>existence.05.20.01
   64    Special Agent Fox Mulder
   65    Special Agent Dana Scully
   66    Special Agent John Doggett
   67    Special Agent Monica Reyes
   68    Assistant Director Walter Skinner
   69    Alex Krycek
   70    Deputy Director Alvin Kersh
   71    The Lone Gunmen
   72    Gibson Praise
   73    Billy Miles
   74    Knowle Rohrer
   75    William
   76    Hangin' Out                                          >unexplained phenomena >8x04:Patience
   77    Holy Slug                                            >unexplained phenomena >8x05:Roadrunners
   78    Metal Man                                            >unexplained phenomena >8x10:Salvage
   79    Gross Visage                                         >unexplained phenomena >8x11:The Gift
   80    Harmless Beggar                                      >unexplained phenomena >8x12:Badlaa
   81    Reptile Guy                                          >unexplained phenomena >8x19:Alone
   82    Spitting Image                                       >>>behind the scenes
   83    Simulated Heat                                       >>>behind the scenes
   84    Phony Snowfall                                       >>>behind the scenes
   85    Creating Fire                                        >>>behind the scenes
   86    Low-Tech Future                                      >>>behind the scenes
   87    Tunnel Vision                                        >>>behind the scenes
   88    Color Spectrum                                       >>>behind the scenes
   89    Sleight of Leg                                       >>>behind the scenes
   90    >>>>>>>checklist                                     >>>>>>>>believe to understand


Believe to Understand (Puzzle) Cards (1:11 packs)

   P7    Scully searches in vain to find the abducted Mulde
   P8    Although her ova had been removed, Scully is inexp
   P9    Billy Miles and the other abductees appear to be d

The Search For Mulder Cards (1:17 packs)

   B1    With Mulder taken aboard the spaceship, Scully mov
   B2    Scully and Skinner believe that the aliens will tr
   B3    Trying to dig deeper into the abduction, Doggett i
   B4    When the spaceship drops off its victims, the alie
   B5    When more dead abductees are brought back to life,
   B6    Scully believes that the alien virus inside Mulder

Box-Loader Cards

 xbl1    (Mulder & Scully embracing)
 xbl2    (Doggett aiming weapon)
 xbl3    (Mulder & Scully on sofa)

Autograph Cards (1:48 packs)

  A12    Annabeth Gish - Agent Monica Reyes
  A13    James Pickens Jr. - Deputy Director Kersh
  A14    Adam Baldwin - Knowle Rohrer
  A15    Tom Braidwood - Melvin Frohike

Pieceworks Costume Cards

  PW1    (Fox Mulder's shirt - 8x01 Within, 8x02 Without)
  PW2    (John Doggett's tie - 8x14 This Is Not Happening)
x8pr1    (Pieceworks Redemption Card, 1:115 packs)


 x8cl    Scully's left without Mulder. Reyes is brought ...  [Lucy Lawless]
   --    (3 video tapes from Season 4)

Card Album

   --    (Binder)

Mini-Press Sheet (Limited to 500)

   --    I Want to Believe (9-up panel, puzzle cards P1-P9)

3-Up Panel

   --    (Believe to Understand, puzzle cards P7-P9)


XF8-1    Coming February 2002!
XF8-2    Coming February 2002!
XF8-UK   Coming February 2002! (UK)
  P-i    (Inkworks web exclusive)
   --    (Dealer sell sheet)

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