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The X-Files: Season 9
   Inkworks - 2003

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.33 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card text / Title                                Episode

 01   The Truth Is Out There
 02   A mysterious woman drowns Carl Wormus, a gover   9x01: Nothing Important Happened Today Pt 1
 03   Scully and Reyes leave the morgue and are foll   9x01: Nothing Important Happened Today Pt 1
 04   (Credits)                                        9x01: Nothing Important Happened Today Pt 1
 05   McMahon breathes air into Doggett's lungs as s   9x02: Nothing Important Happened Today Pt 2
 06   Knowle Rohrer infiltrates the navy vessel, ove   9x02: Nothing Important Happened Today Pt 2
 07   (Credits)                                        9x02: Nothing Important Happened Today Pt 2
 08   Doggett and Reyes investigate the seemingly sa   9x03: Daemonicus
 09   Kobold continues to taunt Doggett, who believe   9x03: Daemonicus
 10   (Credits)                                        9x03: Daemonicus
 11   Reyes calls Scully and Doggett's attention to    9x04: Hellbound
 12   Reyes finds several human skins and old clippi   9x04: Hellbound
 13   (Credits)                                        9x04: Hellbound
 14   Doggett follows Erwin Lukesh, a serial killer    9x05: 4-D
 15   The agents question Lukesh, who denies involve   9x05: 4-D
 16   (Credits)                                        9x05: 4-D
 17   Doggett and Reyes investigate a case of a teen   9x06: Lord of the Flies
 18   Dylan and Natalie resume their childhood frien   9x06: Lord of the Flies
 19   (Credits)                                        9x06: Lord of the Flies
 20   Doggett wakes up in a small Mexican town with    9x07: John Doe
 21   Doggett, experiencing memory flashes of his de   9x07: John Doe
 22   (Credits)                                        9x07: John Doe
 23   Scully reads an e-mail from Mulder at a cafe,    9x08: Trust No 1
 24   As Scully waits for Mulder's train, the Shadow   9x08: Trust No 1
 25   (Credits)                                        9x08: Trust No 1
 26   Bob Fassl, arrested thirteen years earlier by    9x09: Underneath
 27   Scully and Reyes question Fassl, who reacts in   9x09: Underneath
 28   (Credits)                                        9x09: Underneath
 29   Kersh and Follmer question Scully about rubbin   9x10: Provenance
 30   The FBI believes Comer may have fallen in with   9x10: Provenance
 31   (Credits)                                        9x10: Provenance
 32   Follmer briefs a task force on William's kidna   9x11: Providence
 33   Comer tried to kill William to prevent the col   9x11: Providence
 34   (Credits)                                        9x11: Providence
 35   Leyla Harrison convinces Doggett and Reyes to    9x12: Scary Monsters
 36   Tommy draws a picture of Reyes with creatures    9x12: Scary Monsters
 37   (Credits)                                        9x12: Scary Monsters
 38   After a car accident, Reyes is left seemingly    9x13: Audrey Pauley
 39   Audrey shows Doggett a model of the hospital s   9x13: Audrey Pauley
 40   (Credits)                                        9x13: Audrey Pauley
 41   Reyes calls Scully's attention to several pres   9x14: Improbable
 42   In the numerologist's building, Scully and Rey   9x14: Improbable
 43   (Credits)                                        9x14: Improbable
 44   Morris Fletcher contacts Doggett and Reyes, cl   9x15: Jump The Shark
 45   This cartilage pocket will gradually deteriora   9x15: Jump The Shark
 46   (Credits)                                        9x15: Jump The Shark
 47   Doggett consults FBI Cadet Rudolph Hanes about   9x16: Release
 48   Folmer says Regali was not implicated. Later F   9x16: Release
 49   (Credits)                                        9x16: Release
 50   Agend Doggett tussles with a strange man steal   9x17: William
 51   Scully refuses to believe Miller is Mulder and   9x17: William
 52   (Credits)                                        9x17: William
 53   Doggett and Reyes investigate the death of Bla   9x18: Sunshine Days
 54   Doggett and Reyes learn that Martin was former   9x18: Sunshine Days
 55   (Credits)                                        9x18: Sunshine Days
 56   Mulder breaks into a secret government install   9x19: The Truth Pt 1
 57   Mulder drops the brainwashed act he cultivated   9x19: The Truth Pt 1
 58   Gibson Praise contacts Doggett and goes on the   9x19: The Truth Pt 1
 59   (Credits)                                        9x19: The Truth Pt 1
 60   Scully finds upon autopsy that the body said t   9x20: The Truth Pt 2
 61   Kersh encourages Scully and Mulder to drive no   9x20: The Truth Pt 2
 62   Gibson says the conspirators know where Mulder   9x20: The Truth Pt 2
 63   (Credits)                                        9x20: The Truth Pt 2

Character Profiles

 64   Special Agent Fox Mulder
 65   Special Agent Dana Scully
 66   Special Agent John Doggett
 67   Special Agent Monica Reyes
 68   Assistant Director Walter Skinner
 69   Deputy Director Alvin Kersh
 70   Assistant Director Brad Follmer
 71   The Lone Gunmen
 72   Jeffrey Spender


 73   Knowle Rohrer
 74   Shannon McMahon
 75   Shadow Man

Unexplained Phenomena

 76   Psychic Plasma                                    9x03: Daemonicus
 77   Skinned Alive                                     9x04: Hellbound
 78   Parallel Lines                                    9x05: 4-D
 79   Car Cocoon                                        9x06: Lord of the Flies
 80   In The Void                                       9x13: Audrey Pauley
 81   New Perspective                                   9x18: Sunshine Days

Behind the Scenes

 82   Celebration                                       9x19: The Truth Pt 1
 83   Up Close                                          9x19: The Truth Pt 1
 84   Taking Direction                                  9x20: The Truth Pt 2
 85   Between Shots                                     9x20: The Truth Pt 2
 86   Playback                                          9x20: The Truth Pt 2
 87   Old Friends                                       9x20: The Truth Pt 2
 88   Fun On Location                                   9x20: The Truth Pt 2
 89   Last Looks                                        9x20: The Truth Pt 2

 90   Checklist


The Truth on Trial Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

 T1   Mulder: Much as you try to bury it, the truth
 T2   Mulder: I'm putting the truth on trial. X: Wha
 T3   Mulder: This is greater than you or me. This i
 T4   Doggett: Way I look at it, calling something p
 T5   Skinner: I don't think you understand the seri
 T6   Mulder: I've learned to pretend over the past
 T7   Reyes: What is the point of all this? To destr
 T8   Marita Covarrubias: The conspirators believed
 T9   Spender: I went to work for the FBI, not knowi

Reunion Die-Cut Cards (1:17 packs)

 R1   Scully sends for Mulder at the urging of a sha
 R2   Scully must tell Mulder that she gave their so
 R3   A frustrated Scully attempts to convince Mulde
 R4   Mulder refuses to capitulate to the tribunal,
 R5   Scully reassures Mulder that the Cigarette-Smo
 R6   Mulder and Scully agree that they believe in t

Autograph Cards (1:41 packs)

a-f   Gillian Anderson as Special Agent Dana Scully
a16   Mitch Pileggi as Assistant Director Walter Skinner
a16   Robert Patrick as Agent John Doggett
a17   William B. Davis as Cigarette-Smoking Man
a18   Chris Owens as Jeffrey Spender
a19   Steven Williams as Mr. X
a20   Burt Reynolds as Mr. Burt

Pieceworks Costume Cards (1:24 packs)

PW1   Shirt worn by Mr. Burt                          9x14: Improbable
PW2   Long-sleeved shirt worn by Doggett              9x07: John Doe
PW3   Shirt worn by Skinner                           9x18: Sunshine Days
PW4   Tie worn by Skinner                             9x18: Sunshine Days
PW5   Pants worn by Skinner                           9x18: Sunshine Days

Box-Topper Cards

BL1   (Mulder, Scully) After spending nearly a year
BL-2  (Doggett, Reyes) After a messenger of Gibson P
BL-3  (Skinner) Despite his misgivings, Skinner agre

Case-Topper Card

CL-1  12.22.12 (The Cigarette-Smoking Man)

Card Album

 --   The X-Files Season 9 (holographic binder)

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 299)

 --   The Truth on Trial (9-card panel of puzzle)


P1    Mulder, Scully (general distribution)
PUK   Scully, Skinner (Cards Inc., UK distribution)
Pi    Reyes, Doggett ( exclusive)
 --   (dealer sell sheet)

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