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The X-Files - Fight the Future
Topps - 1998

Notes:  Thanks much to gr8pmkn for the original list and to Dave 
Foster for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.96 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title                              Type

  1  The X-Files: Fight the Future      Title Card
  2  The X-Files                        Movie Card
  3  Fox Mulder                         Movie Card
  4  Dana Scully                        Movie Card
  5  Walter Skinner                     Movie Card
  6  The Lone Gunmen                    Movie Card
  7  The Cigarette-Smoking Man          Movie Card
  8  The Well-Manicured Man             Movie Card
  9  The Syndicate                      Movie Card
 10  The Black Oil                      Movie Card
 11  The Vaccine                        Movie Card
 12  The Bees                           Movie Card
 13  Prehistoric Close Encounter        Movie Card
 14  Stevie                             Movie Card
 15  The Haz-Mat Team                   Movie Card
 16  Search for a Bomb                  Movie Card
 17  Sac Darius Michaud                 Movie Card
 18  The Explosion                      Movie Card
 19  Mulder & Scully Questioned         Movie Card
 20  Skinner Offers His Support         Movie Card
 21  Distressing News                   Movie Card
 22  Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil                Movie Card
 23  Kurtzweil Warns Mulder             Movie Card
 24  Three A.M.                         Movie Card
 25  You Have Something to Show Me      Movie Card
 26  Dr. Ben Bronschweig                Movie Card
 27  Scully Examines the Dead Fireman   Movie Card
 28  FEMA                               Movie Card
 29  Fossil Remains                     Movie Card
 30  Lethal Confrontation               Movie Card
 31  The Syndicate Meets                Movie Card
 32  Outvoted                           Movie Card
 33  Conrad Strughold                   Movie Card
 34  They Went That Way                 Movie Card
 35  Desert Chase                       Movie Card
 36  The Bee Dome                       Movie Card
 37  Pursued by Helicopters             Movie Card
 38  Presenting New Evidence            Movie Card
 39  Mulder Updates Kurtzweil           Movie Card
 40  An Intimate Moment                 Movie Card
 41  Scully Infected                    Movie Card
 42  Mulder Shot                        Movie Card
 43  Scully is Transported              Movie Card
 44  The Two Bugs                       Movie Card
 45  Skinner's Update                   Movie Card
 46  Mulder Gets Taken for a Ride       Movie Card
 47  The Truth is Revealed              Movie Card
 48  The Limo Explodes                  Movie Card
 49  The Pole of Inaccessibility        Movie Card
 50  A Discovery is Made                Movie Card
 51  The Cryopods                       Movie Card
 52  Freeing Scully                     Movie Card
 53  Finding a Way Out                  Movie Card
 54  Breath of Life                     Movie Card
 55  The Creatures Hatch                Movie Card
 56  The Ice Field                      Movie Card
 57  The Craft                          Movie Card
 58  OPR                                Movie Card
 59  Reinvested                         Movie Card
 60  The Telegram                       Movie Card
 61  Chris Carter with David Duchovny   Behind The Scenes
 62  Rob Bowman with Chris Carter       Behind The Scenes
 63  Filming the Explosion              Behind The Scenes
 64  In Front of the Green Screen       Behind The Scenes
 65  Filming the Helicopter Chase       Behind The Scenes
 66  SFX Team with Translucent Bodies   Behind The Scenes
 67  The Alien Fetus                    Behind The Scenes
 68  The Alien                          Behind The Scenes
 69  Spacecraft Design                  Behind The Scenes
 70  Starring:                          Behind The Scenes
 71  Production Credits                 Behind The Scenes
 72  Checklist                          Checklist


Mystery Cards (1:12 packs)

 M1  Mulder & Scully
 M2  Mulder in Alien Space Craft
 M3  Mulder with Flashlight
 M4  Interior of Alien Space Craft
 M5  Human Host
 M6  Gestating Alien

Autograph Cards (1:72 packs)

 --  Mitch Pileggi (Skinner)
 --  William B. Davis (The Cigarette Smoking Man)
 --  John Neville (The Well Manicured Man)
 --  Bruce Harwood (Byers)
 --  Tom Braidwood (Frohike)
 --  Dean Haglund (Langly)


 P0  (U.K. distribution, Cards Inc.; oversized 3.1" x 4.4"; limited to 3000)
 P1  (U.K. distribution, "Cards Inc." printed on back)

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