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The X-Files: I Want To Believe (Movie 2)
   Inkworks - 2008

Notes:  Thanks to Sarah Grace for the update! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards. 10 boxes per case
Common sets: approx. 2.24 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Title                                           Episode

     1    The X-Files - I Want To Believe

       Character Cards

     2    Fox Mulder
     3    Dana Scully
     4    Assistant Director Skinner
     5    ASAC Dakota Whitney
     6    Special Agent Drummy
     7    Father Joe
     8    Cheryl Cunningham
     9    Father Ybarra

       Story Cards

    10    Pursuits
    11    Seeking
    12    The Offer
    13    Mulder's Condition
    14    Best Chance
    15    The Psychic
    16    Passing the Test
    17    A New Victim
    18    Making Connections
    19    A New Lead
    20    Halted Progress
    21    Fixation
    22    Dirty Glass
    23    Trapped
    24    New Evidence
    25    Taking a Risk
    26    Rejecting Darkness
    27    Seeing Answers
    28    Father Joe's Link
    29    Disappointment
    30    Whitney's Sacrifice
    31    Confrontation
    32    Defending Truth
    33    Parting Ways
    34    Returning to the Scene
    35    A Dangerous Turn
    36    An Old Friend
    37    Tracks in the Snow
    38    A New Body
    39    Barking Dogs
    40    Gruesome Discovery
    41    Rescued
    42    Cleaning Up
    43    Out of the Cold
    44    The Accomplice
    45    A New Life

       Revelations Cards

    46    Beginnings                                      1x0 - Pilot
    47    Abduction Theories                              1x0 - Pilot
    48    Cover-Up                                        1x0 - Pilot
    49    Allies                                          1x0 - Pilot
    50    Visitations                                     1x12 -  Beyond the Sea
    51    Bargaining                                      1x12 -  Beyond the Sea
    52    Letting Go                                      1x12 -  Beyond the Sea
    53    Beneath the Surface                             2x2 - The Host
    54    Strange Discoveries                             2x2 - The Host
    55    Regeneration                                    2x2 - The Host
    56    Predictions                                     3x4 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
    57    Reluctant Psychic                               3x4 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
    58    Immortality                                     3x4 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
    59    Facing Death                                    3x4 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
    60    Devastating Prognosis                           4x14 - Memento Mori
    61    Seeking the Truth                               4x14 - Memento Mori
    62    Holding On                                      4x14 - Memento Mori
    63    Mysterious Attacks                              5x5 - The Post-Modern Prometheus
    64    The Doctor's Wife                               5x5 - The Post-Modern Prometheus
    65    Confronting Monsters                            5x5 - The Post-Modern Prometheus
    66    She Said...                                     5x12 - Bad Blood
    67    He Said...                                      5x12 - Bad Blood
    68    Uncertain Truths                                5x12 - Bad Blood
    69    The Perfect Murder                              6x18 - Milagro
    70    Burning Hearts                                  6x18 - Milagro
    71    Brought to Life                                 6x18 - Milagro

    72    Checklist


In Seach Of Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

   S-1    Mulder and Scully agree to help in the search
   S-2    Mulder is drawn deeper into the investigation
   S-3    Scully looks for a cure for Christian Fearon.
   S-4    Unable to deny the pull of Muler and his convi
   S-5    A skeptic from the start, Special Agend Drummy
   S-6    It becomes clearer to Mulder and Scully that t
   S-7    Unwilling to give up despite the devastating s
   S-8    Scully must push away her doubts and look for
   S-9    In the wake of Mulder's brush with death, and

Wanting To Believe Embossed Cards (1:17 packs)

  WB-2    When Mulder and Scully meet Father Joe Crissma
  WB-3    Scully finds herself fighting over the case of
  WB-4    Mulder's belief in Father Joe's psychic powers
  WB-5    As Mulder steadfastly holds on to his belief i
  WB-6    Scully is shaken when Father Joe admonishes he

Back to Basics Foil Cards (1:24 packs)

  BB-1    Mulder
  BB-2    Scully
  BB-3    Skinner

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

  A-1     David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
  A-2     Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully
  A-3     Chris Carter - Director/Writer
  A-4     Frank Spotnitz - Producer/Writer
  A-5     Xzibit as Special Agent Drummy
  A-6     Adam Godley as Father Ybarra
  A-7     Chris Owens as The Great Mutato
  A-8     Sheila Larken as Margaret Scully
  A-9     Nestor Serrano as Ken Naciamento

Pieceworks Costume Cards (1:24 packs)

 PW-1     Jacket worn by David Duchovny as Mulder
 PW-1       (fur variation; by redemption)
 PW-2     Top worn by Gillian Anderson as Scully
 PW-3     Labcoat worn by Gillian Anderson as Scully
 PW-4     Shirt worn by Xzibit as Agent Drummy
 PW-5     Robe worn by Billy Connolly as Father Joe [several variants]
 PW-6     Coat worn by Billy Connolly as Father Joe (by redemption; thick or thin variants)
 PW-7     Shirt worn by Mitch Pileggi as Skinner
 PW-8     Dual: Labcoat and scrubs bottoms worn by Gillian Anderson as Scully
 PW-9     Scrubs top worn by Gillian Anderson as Scully
 PW-10    Dual: Sweater and t-shirt worn by David Duchovny as Mulder
 PW-11    Blouse worn by Amanda Peet as Agent Whitney
 PW-12    FBI jacket worn by Amanda Peet as Agent Whitney [variant: black only]
            (yellow-only variation)
            (black and yellow variation)
 PW-13    Jacket worn by Amanda Peet as Agent Whitney
 PWR-1    (Pieceworks redemption card)

Case-Loader Card

  CL-1    Out of Darkness

Multi-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

PW-14A    Partners Puzzle: Coat worn by David Duchovny as Mulder [3 cases]
PW-14B    Partners Puzzle: Coat worn by Gillian Anderson as Scully [3 cases]
 AD-1     Dual Autograph: David Duchovny as Fox Mulder / Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully [10 cases]

Card Album (sold separately)

    --    (binder)

Uncut Sheet (# to 99; sold separately)

    --    (9-card panel of In Search Of puzzle cards)


 XF-1     (Mulder; general distribution)
 XF-P     (miscellaneous)
XF-SDCC   (Mulder; San Diego Comicon 2008)
  X-i     (big X; exclusive)
  --      (dealer sell sheet)

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