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The X-Files MasterVisions
   Topps - 1995

Note:  Cards are 6-1/2" x 10-3/16", and were distributed as a full boxed factory set. 
Thanks to Theo Chen for the update!

No.   Title                                   Artist

  1   Do Not Open Until X-mas                 Miran Kim
  2   A Disremembrance of Things Past         Miran Kim
  3   The Return                              Miran Kim
  4   Firebird Part One: Khobka's Lament      Miran Kim
  5   Firebird Part Two: Crescit Eundo        Miran Kim
  6   Firebird Part Three: A Brief Authority  Miran Kim
  7   The X-Files: Pilot Episode              Thom Ang
  8   Deep Throat                             Thom Ang
  9   Squeeze                                 Thom Ang
 10   Conduit                                 Cliff Nielsen
 11   The Jersey Devil                        Cliff Nielsen
 12   Shadows                                 Cliff Nielsen
 13   Ghost in the Machine                    Cliff Nielsen
 14   Ice                                     Thom Ang
 15   Space                                   Cliff Nielsen
 16   Fallen Angel                            Thom Ang
 17   Eve                                     Thom Ang
 18   Fire                                    Thom Ang
 19   Beyond the Sea                          Thom Ang
 20   GenderBender                            Thom Ang
 21   Lazarus                                 Cliff Nielsen
 22   Young at Heart                          Cliff Nielsen
 23   E.B.E.                                  Cliff Nielsen
 24   Miracle Man                             Thom Ang
 25   Shapes                                  Thom Ang
 26   Darkness Falls                          Thom Ang
 27   Tooms                                   Cliff Nielsen
 28   Born Again                              Cliff Nielsen
 29   Roland                                  Cliff Nielsen
 30   The Erlenmeyer Flask                    Cliff Nielsen

 --   (Image checklist, package insert)       Cliff Nielsen


XMV1  deep throat (art by Thom Ang, pictorial checklist on back; X-Files Magazine #2)
 --   (snake, Mulder, Scully, flying saucer; art by Miran Kim; also promotes 
        other X-Files properties)
 --   Mystery Made Larger (Dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

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