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The X-Files Showcase - Series 1
Topps 1997

Card No.   Title                                    Episode

1X79-01    Collum National Forest, Northwest Oreg   The X-Files Pilot
1X79-02    FBI Headquarters, Washington D.C. Agen   The X-Files Pilot
1X79-03    Agent Dana Scully meets her new partne   The X-Files Pilot
1X79-04    Bellefleur Hillside Cemetery, Oregon.    The X-Files Pilot
1X79-05    At Bellefleur Hillside Cemetery, Mulde   The X-Files Pilot
1X79-06    Autopsy Bay. Agent Mulder can barely c   The X-Files Pilot
1X79-07    At the Ramon County State Psychiatric    The X-Files Pilot
1X79-08    Mulder answers a knock at his motel ro   The X-Files Pilot
1X79-09    Peggy O'Dell, the girl from the psychi   The X-Files Pilot
1X79-10    Back at Hillside Cemetery, the agents    The X-Files Pilot
1X79-11    Back in the forest, Scully confronts D   The X-Files Pilot
1X79-12    At FBI Headquarters, Agent Scully repo   The X-Files Pilot

1X01-01    Near Ellens Air Force Base, Southwest    Deep Throat
1X01-02    Dunaway's Pub, Washington D.C.  Mulder   Deep Throat
1X01-03    In Idaho, near Ellens Air Force Base,    Deep Throat
1X01-04    "Is this why you brought me out here,    Deep Throat
1X01-05    Mulder tells Scully that Ellens Air Fo   Deep Throat
1X01-06    Returning from the Budahas residence,    Deep Throat
1X01-07    Returning to the Ellens Air Force Base   Deep Throat
1X01-08    Ellens Air Force Base runway, early ev   Deep Throat
1X01-09    Shielding his eyes from the bright lig   Deep Throat
1X01-10    Captured at Ellens Air Force Base, Mul   Deep Throat
1X01-11    Agent Scully confronts Paul Mossinger,   Deep Throat
1X01-12    A large green athletic field in Washin   Deep Throat

1X02-01    Downtown Baltimore, Maryland. It's the   Squeeze
1X02-02    Scully lunches with fellow FBI agent T   Squeeze
1X02-03    Staking out the previous crime scene,    Squeeze
1X02-04    Eugene Victor Tooms, the murder suspec   Squeeze
1X02-05    A large and upscale suburban home. Eug   Squeeze
1X02-06    Pushing his hand into Werner's chimney   Squeeze
1X02-07    Lynn Acres Retirement Home, Baltimore.   Squeeze
1X02-08    The building in the photo from Frank B   Squeeze
1X02-09    After snagging Scully's necklace and a   Squeeze
1X02-10    Realizing that Tooms is somewhere near   Squeeze
1X02-11    Mulder aims his weapon at Tooms, corne   Squeeze
1X02-12    In a Psych Ward maximum security cell,   Squeeze

1X07-01    Arctic Ice Core Project, Alaska...a co   Ice
1X07-02    Investigating the bizarre killings at    Ice
1X07-03    Mulder, Scully and the investigating t   Ice
1X07-04    Much to his horror, Bear examines hims   Ice
1X07-05    Mulder sits before Dr. Murphy's micros   Ice
1X07-06    Dr. Hodge pinches the skin on Bear's n   Ice
1X07-07    "It's similar to a tapework," observes   Ice
1X07-08    Mulder believes the parasite probably    Ice
1X07-09    After everyone has turned in, Mulder s   Ice
1X07-10    Everyone tenses as Mulder, weapons rai   Ice
1X07-11    Tension mounts at the Ice Core Project   Ice
1X07-12    Suspecting that Mulder is infected by    Ice

1X09-01    Townsend, Wisconsin, 12:57 A.M. Day 1.   Fallen Angel
1X09-02    Deputy Sheriff Jason Wright emerges fr   Fallen Angel
1X09-03    In Wisconsin, after twelve thousand re   Fallen Angel
1X09-04    Captured at the crash sight in Wiscons   Fallen Angel
1X09-05    Day 2. Scully insists what Mulder saw    Fallen Angel
1X09-06    Returning to his hotel room, Mulder ca   Fallen Angel
1X09-07    County Hospital, 11:42 P.M. Searching    Fallen Angel
1X09-08    Day 3. Mulder stops off at Max Fenig's   Fallen Angel
1X09-09    Mulder and Scully discover that Max Fe   Fallen Angel
1X09-10    "I won't let them take you," Mulder re   Fallen Angel
1X09-11    As Mulder continues to stare, Fenig be   Fallen Angel
1X09-12    "Hear that sound, Scully? Hammer and n   Fallen Angel

1X23-01    A silver sedan flies over a hill, trav   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-02    The fugitive launches himself onto a c   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-03    Acting on a tip from Deep Throat, Muld   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-04    The water where the fugitive vanished    The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-05    While at Dr. Berube's apartment, Mulde   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-06    Zeus Storage, 1616 Pandora Street. Mul   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-07    Mulder investigates the tanks of subme   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-08    Leaving the storage facility, Mulder n   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-09    Deep Throat advises Mulder and Scully    The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-10    With Mulder missing for two days, Scul   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-11    In the cryo-lab of the top secret faci   The Erlenmeyer Flask
1X23-12    "I'll take the parcel," Deep Throat te   The Erlenmeyer Flask


X-Effect Cards

E 1        The X-Files Pilot
E 2        Deep Throat
E 3        Squeeze
E 4        Ice
E 5        Fallen Angel
E 6        The Erlenmeyer Flask

Laser Cards

L 1        The X-Files Pilot
L 2        Deep Throat
L 3        Squeeze
L 4        Ice
L 5        Fallen Angel
L 6        The Erlenmeyer Flask

FC   0     Investigate Membership Kit #2 (Fan Club Card)


P1         January 1997

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