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X-Files Sketch Card Packs
   IDW Entertainment - 2014

Notes: There were two packagings: "Red Label" packs held a 48-page X-Files 
Annual comic and a hand-drawn sketch card, limited to 178 copies. "Blue Label" 
packs held the X-Files Annual comic and a 3-card puzzle sketch, limited to 40 
copies. Thanks to buckcap on NSU Card Talk! Further information and scans 
are posted at the IDW website.

   Artist             # sketched

Red Label Artists

   Cat Staggs         20
   Charles Hall       15
   Chris Mason         5
   Dan Harding         5
   Dean Haglund        1
   Joe Corroney       30
   Mark McHaley        5
   Mark Torres        30
   Miran Kim          10
   Richard Cox        30
   Sean Pence         15
   Ted Dastick         5
   Tim Proctor         7

Blue Label Artists

   Chris Mason         6
   Dan Harding         7
   Mark McHaley        7
   Sean Pence          6
   Ted Dastick         7
   Tim Proctor         7

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