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X-Men: Series 2
   Skybox - 1993

Notes:  Also produced was a factory tin set, which contained the Wolverine X-H
holithogram (which was also distributed in packs). Card #66 "Juggernaut" was
also distributed as a misprint #65 promo, with the Juggernaut image upside-down. 
A parellel set was inserted in Toy Biz toys (distinguished by a light Toy Biz logo 
on card backs). Thanks to Carlos Aranda-Díaz, Bruce Webster, Ken Mook, Steve 
Carter, Aaron Johnson, Steve Hatzidakis, Chris Brewer, Richard Lankes, and Matt 
Dunn for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets (100): approx. 2.11 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                         Type

  1   Archangel                                     Super Heroes
  2   Beast                                         Super Heroes
  3   Bishop                                        Super Heroes
  4   Boomer                                        Super Heroes
  5   Cable                                         Super Heroes
  6   Cannonball                                    Super Heroes
  7   Captain Britain                               Super Heroes
  8   Cerise                                        Super Heroes
  9   Colossus                                      Super Heroes
 10   Cyclops                                       Super Heroes
 11   Domino                                        Super Heroes
 12   Gambit                                        Super Heroes
 13   Jean Grey                                     Super Heroes
 14   Havok                                         Super Heroes
 15   Iceman                                        Super Heroes
 16   Jubilee                                       Super Heroes
 17   Kylun                                         Super Heroes
 18   Meggan                                        Super Heroes
 19   Multiple Man                                  Super Heroes
 20   Nightcrawler                                  Super Heroes
 21   Phoenix                                       Super Heroes
 22   Polaris                                       Super Heroes
 23   Professor X                                   Super Heroes
 24   Psylocke                                      Super Heroes
 25   Quicksilver                                   Super Heroes
 26   Rictor                                        Super Heroes
 27   Rogue                                         Super Heroes
 28   Shadowcat                                     Super Heroes
 29   Shatterstar                                   Super Heroes
 30   Siryn                                         Super Heroes
 31   Storm                                         Super Heroes
 32   Strong Guy                                    Super Heroes
 33   Sunspot                                       Super Heroes
 34   Warpath                                       Super Heroes
 35   Wolfsbane                                     Super Heroes
 36   Wolverine                                     Super Heroes
 37   Archangel vs. Apocalypse                      Arch-Enemies
 38   Apocalypse                                    Arch-Enemies
 39   X-Men vs. Magneto and the Acolytes            Arch-Enemies
 40   Bishop vs. Fitzroy                            Arch-Enemies
 41   Fitzroy                                       Arch-Enemies
 42   Magneto                                       Arch-Enemies
 43   Cable vs. Stryfe                              Arch-Enemies
 44   Stryfe                                        Arch-Enemies
 45   Acolytes                                      Arch-Enemies
 46   Storm vs. Mystique                            Arch-Enemies
 47   Mystique                                      Arch-Enemies
 48   X-Factor vs. Mr. Sinister and the Nasty Boys  Arch-Enemies
 49   Wolverine vs. Omega Red                       Arch-Enemies
 50   Omega Red                                     Arch-Enemies
 51   Mr. Sinister                                  Arch-Enemies
 52   Wolverine vs. Sabretooth                      Arch-Enemies
 53   Sabretooth                                    Arch-Enemies
 54   Nasty Boys                                    Arch-Enemies
 55   Arcade                                        Super-Villains
 56   Black Queen                                   Super-Villains
 57   Black Tom                                     Super-Villains
 58   Blob                                          Super-Villains
 59   Jamie Braddock                                Super-Villains
 60   The Brood                                     Super-Villains
 61   Callisto                                      Super-Villains
 62   Deadpool                                      Super-Villains
 63   Deathbird                                     Super-Villains
 64   Fenris                                        Super-Villains
 65   Gideon                                        Super-Villains
 66   Juggernaut                                    Super-Villains
 67   Lady Deathstrike                              Super-Villains
 68   Mastermind                                    Super-Villains
 69   Mojo                                          Super-Villains
 70   Phantazia                                     Super-Villains
 71   Pyro                                          Super-Villains
 72   Sat-yr-9                                      Super-Villains
 73   Sauron                                        Super-Villains
 74   The Sentinels                                 Super-Villains
 75   Shinobi                                       Super-Villains
 76   Hazard                                        Super-Villains
 77   Siena Blaze                                   Super-Villains
 78   Silver Fox                                    Super-Villains
 79   Toad                                          Super-Villains
 80   Tolliver                                      Super-Villains
 81   White Queen                                   Super-Villains
 82   Excalibur                                     Teams
 83   X-Factor                                      Teams
 84   X-Force                                       Teams
 85   X-Men Blue                                    Teams
 86   X-Men Gold                                    Teams
 87   Brotherhood of Evil Mutants                   Teams
 88   Dark Riders                                   Teams
 89   Mutant Liberation Front                       Teams
 90   Six Pack                                      Teams
 91   Sabretooth unleashed!                         Animated TV Series
 92   The Sentinel strikes!                         Animated TV Series
 93   Persuasion, Gambit-style                      Animated TV Series
 94   Rogue and Storm in action!                    Animated TV Series
 95   Jubilee's fireworks                           Animated TV Series
 96   Beast hangs out.                              Animated TV Series
 97   The power of Professor X.                     Animated TV Series
 98   The claws of Wolverine.                       Animated TV Series
 99   The fury of Storm.                            Animated TV Series
100   X-Men: Series 2                               Checklist


Gold Foil Cards

G-1   Cable
G-2   Cyclops
G-3   Juggernaut
G-4   Magneto
G-5   Professor X
G-6   Rogue
G-7   The Sentinels
G-8   Storm
G-9   Wolverine

Holithogram Cards

H-1   Cable
H-2   Magneto
H-3   Storm

H-X   Wolverine [3-D Holithogram; green version]
H-X   Wolverine [3-D Holithogram; red version, rare]


 65   (Juggernaut image)
 65   (Juggernaut image, Comic Book Collector)

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