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X-Men 1994 Fleer Ultra
   Fleer - 1994

Notes:  Here is another set where different inserts were available in the hobby, retail 
jumbo packs, and two Wal-Mart distributions.  Card #100 has its back printed "backwards"
compared to the other cards.  A production variation exists where card #98 is printed
without the number (which I suppose you could say means that it isn't really a card #98
anymore ...).  And Fatal Attractions #6 can be found with an error foil-stamping, 
referring instead to #1 "Behold Avalon!". For further information on the promo panels, 
please visit Amalia Barrios' site.  Thanks much to Chris Wang, Ian (Piggy Gruntebest), 
Bob Konrad, Molly, Daniel Bailey, and Bassam Abdul-Baki for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.30 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 36 packs of 14 cards.
Common sets: approximately 3.25 per box.
WalMart Primary Box: 20 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approximately 1.42 per box.
WalMart Secondary Box: packs include 11 cards.

No.     Title                             Artist                  Type

Super Heroes

  1     Cyclops                           Ray Lago
  2     Rogue                             Joe Phillips
  3     Beast                             Dan Brereton
  4     Gambit                            John Estes
  5     Jubilee                           Brian Stelfreeze
  6     Wolverine                         Glenn Fabry
  7     Psylocke                          Bill Sienkiewicz
  8     Revanche                          Dan Brereton
  9     Banshee                           Julie Bell
 10     Iceman                            Joe Phillips
 11     Bishop                            Ezra Tucker
 12     Archangel                         Ezra Tucker
 13     Storm                             Julie Bell
 14     Jean Grey                         Brian Stelfreeze
 15     Sabretooth                        Dave Dorman
 16     Professor X                       Tom Palmer
 17     Nightcrawler                      Bill Sienkiewicz
 18     Phoenix                           Ezra Tucker
 19     Shadowcat                         Brian Stelfreeze
 20     Domino                            Dan Brereton
 21     Cable                             Bill Sienkiewicz
 22     Shatterstar                       Frank Cirocco
 23     Warpath                           Dan Brereton
 24     Boomer                            Brian Stelfreeze
 25     Cannonball                        John Estes
 26     Siryn                             Scott Hampton
 27     Sunspot                           Val Maverick
 28     Rictor                            Bill Hall
 29     Havok                             Tom Palmer
 30     Polaris                           Bill Sienkiewicz
 31     Forge                             Julie Bell
 32     Strong Guy                        Bill Sienkiewicz
 33     Wolfsbane                         Bill Sienkiewicz
 34     Multiple Man                      Bo Hampton
 35     Random                            Glenn Barr
 36     Quicksilver                       Frank Spinks
 37     Lilandra                          Julie Bell
 38     Askani                            Peter Bollinger
 39     Tyler                             Val Maverick
 40     Longshot                          Bo Hampton
 41     Feral                             Dan Brereton
 42     Dazzler                           Brian Stelfreeze
 43     Weapon X (Wolverine)              Kent Williams
 44     Mirage                            Bill Sienkiewicz
 45     Magma                             Mark Charello
 46     Sunfire                           Joe Phillips
 47     Weapon X                          Dan Brereton
 48     Grizzly                           Dan Brereton
 49     G.W. Bridge                       Dan Brereton
 50     Hammer                            John Van Fleet
 51     Maverick                          Bo Hampton
 52     X-Treme                           Chris Moeller
 53     Copycat                           Dan Brereton


 54     Colossus                          Joe Phillips
 55     Magneto                           Bob Larkin
 56     Mr. Sinister                      Dan Brereton
 57     Deadpool                          Bo Hampton
 58     Juggernaut                        Glenn Fabry
 59     Cyber                             Tristan Schane
 60     Apocalypse                        Dan Brereton
 61     Omega Red                         Earl Norem
 62     Mystique                          John Estes
 63     Sauron                            Bill Sienkiewicz
 64     Stryfe                            Earl Norem
 65     White Queen                       Dave Dorman
 66     Haven                             David Braun
 67     Exodus                            Frank Cirocco
 68     Ahab                              Catherine Huerta
 69     X-Cutioner                        Chris Moeller
 70     Black Tom Cassidy                 Tristan Schane
 71     Pyro                              Frank Spinks
 72     Arcade                            Gary Ciccarelli
 73     Matsu'o                           John Van Fleet
 74     Mojo                              Bill Sienkiewicz
 75     Spiral                            Tristan Schane
 76     Caliban                           Shawn McKelvey
 77     Wendigo                           Earl Norem
 78     Nimrod                            Terry Britt
 79     Silver Samurai                    Peter Bollinger
 80     Sentinels                         Frank Spinks
 81     Brood                             Bill Sienkiewicz
 82     Gideon                            John Van Fleet
 83     Gamesmaster                       Glenn Barr
 84     Shinobi Shaw                      Bo Hampton
 85     Fitzroy                           Julie Bell
 86     Siena Blaze                       Scott Hampton
 87     Graydon Creed                     John Van Fleet
 88     Slayback                          Glenn Barr
 89     Sinsear                           Peter Bollinger
 90     Tempo                             Bill Hall
 91     Wildside                          Peter Scanlan
 92     Reaper                            Mark Sasso
 93     Forearm                           Kent Williams
 94     Locus                             Julie Bell
 95     Moonstar                          Chris Moeller
 96     Reignfire                         Chris Moeller

Original Team

 97     Cyclops                           Scott Hampton
 98     Iceman                            Bo Hampton
 99     Angel                             Ray Lago
100     Beast                             John Romita Sr.
101     Marvel Girl                       Scott Hampton
102     Professor X                       Scott Hampton


103     Mutant Massacre                   Joe Phillips
104     Fall of the Mutants               Joe Phillips
105     Inferno                           Dave DeVries
106     X-Tinction Agenda                 Bob Larkin
107     X-Cutioner's Song                 Tom Palmer
108     Fatal Attractions                 Bob Larkin
109     Iceman, Archangel                 Tristan Schane          X-Men Gold Team
110     Storm, Professor X                Tristan Schane          X-Men Gold Team
111     Bishop, Jean Grey                 Tristan Schane          X-Men Gold Team
112     Psylocke, Sabretooth              Jim Steranko            X-Men Blue Team
113     Beast, Gambit                     Jim Steranko            X-Men Blue Team
114     Cyclops, Rogue                    Jim Steranko            X-Men Blue Team
115     Warpath, Feral                    Dan Brereton            X-Force
116     Shatterstar, Boomer               Dan Brereton            X-Force
117     Cannonball, Rictor, Siryn, SunspotDan Brereton            X-Force
118     Random, Strong Guy                Joe Phillips            X-Factor
119     Havok, Polaris                    Joe Phillips            X-Factor
120     Wolfsbane, Multiple Man           Joe Phillips            X-Factor
121     Shadowcat                         Joe Phillips            Excalibur
122     Nightcrawler                      Joe Phillips            Excalibur
123     Phoenix                           Joe Phillips            Excalibur
124     It was boy meets girl -- ...      Bob Larkin              Wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey
125     It wasn't always smooth ...       Bob Larkin              Wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey
126     With so much turmoil ...          Bob Larkin              Wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey
127     Magik                             Joe Phillips            Super Heroes (Deceased)
128     Warlock                           Bill Sienkiewicz        Super Heroes (Deceased)
129     Cypher                            Bo Hampton              Super Heroes (Deceased)
130     Goblin Queen                      Glenn Fabry             Super-Villains (Deceased)
131     Sebastian Shaw                    Mark Chiarello          Super-Villains (Deceased)
132     Mesmero                           Frank Cirocco           Super-Villains (Deceased)
133     Mimic                             Chris Moeller           Super-Villains (Inactive)
134     Dark Phoenix                      Ray Lago                Super-Villains (Deceased)
135     Mastermind                        James Sullivan          Super-Villains (Deceased)
136     Thunderbird                       Brian Stelfreeze        Super Heroes (Deceased)

Wolverine's Greatest Battles

137     Wolverine vs. Sabretooth          Mark Sasso
138     Wolverine vs. Cyber               Mike Zeck, Phil Zimelman
139     Wolverine vs. Omega Red           Scott Hampton
140     Wolverine vs. Hulk                Dan Lawlis
141     Wolverine vs. The Thing           Ray Lago
142     Wolverine vs. Spider-Man          Dan Lawlis
143     Wolverine vs. Silver Samurai      Val Maverick
144     Wolverine vs. Hellfire Club       Peter Bollinger
145     Wolverine vs. Cable               Dan Brereton
146     Wolverine vs. Sauron              Dave DeVries
147     Wolverine vs. Punisher            Mike Zeck, Phil Zimelman
148     Wolverine vs. Lord Shingen        Mark Sasso
149     Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike    Kent Williams
150     94 Fleer Ultra X-Men Checklist


X-Men's Greatest Battles (Foil Cards) (1:3 Jumbo packs only)

one     Cyclops & Jean Grey vs. Callisto
two     Rogue vs. Pyro & Avalanche
three   Gambit vs. Mystique
four    Wolverine vs. Sentinels
five    Professor X vs. Magneto
six     Gambit vs. Bishop

Fatal Attractions (PowerBlasts) (1:7 Jumbo packs; also Hobby)

1 of 6  Behold Avalon!
2 of 6  Cable Destroyed!
3 of 6  An X-Man No More!
4 of 6  Wolverine Crippled!
5 of 6  Magneto Defeated!
6 of 6  Exit: Wolverine!

Team Portrait Cards  (1:5 Wal-Mart packs; also Hobby)

1 of 9  Storm
2 of 9  Psylocke, Cyclops
3 of 9  Beast, Jubilee
4 of 9  Rogue, Archangel
5 of 9  Wolverine
6 of 9  Professor X
7 of 9  Iceman, Sabretooth
8 of 9  Gambit, Bishop
9 of 9  Jean Grey

Team Triptych (Red-foil stamped) (1/pack WalMart packs only)

1 of 6  X-Men Blue Team: Sabretooth, Rogue
2 of 6  X-Men Blue Team: Cyclops, Beast, Jubilee
3 of 6  X-Men Blue Team: Gambit, Psylocke
4 of 6  X-Men Gold Team: Iceman
5 of 6  X-Men Gold Team: Jean Grey, Archangel, Storm, Professor X
6 of 6  X-Men Gold Team: Bishop

Silver X-Over Cards (Foil cards, 1:10 [12-card packs] or 1:11 [11-card packs] Wal-Mart only)

1 of 6  Mutant Massacre                   Joe Phillips
2 of 6  Fall of the Mutants               Joe Phillips
3 of 6  Inferno                           Dave DeVries
4 of 6  X-Tinction Agenda                 Bob Larkin
5 of 6  X-Cutioner's Song                 Tom Palmer
6 of 6  Fatal Attractions                 Bob Larkin

Ultra-Print Cards (Case Bonus Cards)

        Some came with UPC 0 41199 00270 3, while others were blank.

  ---   Beast
  ---   Fatal Attractions
  ---   Magneto
  ---   Storm
  ---   Wolverine vs. Sauron

Mini-Poster (Case Bonus)

Uncut Proof Sheet

  ---   (Array of nine 2x2 groups of the Team Portrait cards)


9-up Panels
   Each features Angel, Magneto, Beast, Storm, header, Wolverine vs. Hulk, and
  a 3-card strip of X-Men Gold Team

  ---   (White border, 6" x 8-1/4"; Advance)
  ---   (No border, 7-1/2" x 10-1/2")

4-up Panels

  ---   (010 Cyclops, 020 Storm, 030 Gambit, 040 Wolverine; art by Eric Larsen;
           5" x 7"; ProAction)
  ---   (Rogue, Wolverine vs. Spider-Man, Apocalypse, Jubilee; art by Joe Phillips,
           Dan Lawlis, Dan Brereton, Brian Stelfreeze; perforated 12-5/8" x 7";
           Spider-Man magazine)

3-up Panels (Comics inserts, 7-1/2" x 6-3/4")

  ---   Wedding of Cyclops & Jean Grey (art by Bob Larkin)
  ---   X-Factor Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (art by Joe Phillips)
  ---   Excalibur Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (art by Joe Phillips)

Sega Game Gear (5-card cello pack)

  ---   (header card)
  ---   Beast (art by Dan Brereton)
  ---   Cable (art by Bill Sienkiewicz)
  ---   Gambit (art by John Estes)
  ---   Magneto (art by Bob Larkin)

Other Sega Game Inserts

  ---   Storm (X-Men Video Game for Sega Game Gear)

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