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X-Men '95 Ultra
   Fleer - 1994

Notes:  The "rainbow" version of the PowerBlast cards was distributed in Hobby 
packs; the "silver" version in Jumbo packs; and the "gold" version in Wal-Mart boxes.  

Card #61 has two different backs, which were distributed equally: Sauron faces either 
to the left or to the right. (Thanks to Leslie Cudby and Carlos Aranda-Díaz for the 
information!) Several people reported or confirmed variants for card #39, showing Redd & 
Slym either "in flying position with arms pointed up" or "standing" or "sitting", but I have 
never been able to find an image of a variant. The regular image has Slym standing and 
Redd almost standing (but with both feet off the ground), both with arms pointed, and 
with bent legs that look as if they might be sitting on air, so I could interpret it as any 
one of the three descriptions. I'm ruling this variation unconfirmed unless somebody 
shows me a different picture. For further information on promo panels, please visit 
Amalia Barrios' site.  And thanks to Ash Kohli, Chris Wang, Larry Zhu, Marcia Fanchin, 
rogambit, James Catalano, Aaron  Johnson, Alan Struthers, Walt Meder, and Bassam 
Abdul-Baki for updates!

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.38 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 36 packs of 14 cards.
WalMart Box: 20 packs of 10 cards + 1 gold hunters/stalkers card.
Common sets: approximately 1.33 per box.

No.   Title                    Artist                   Type

  1   Albert                   Tom Taggert
  2   Apocalypse               Bob Larkin
  3   Arcade                   Joann Daley
  4   Archangel                Bob Larkin
  5   Askani                   Boris Vallejo
  6   Bishop                   Bob Larkin
  7   Black Tom                Lou Harrison
  8   Bloodscream              Terese Nielsen
  9   Brood                    Cliff Nielsen
 10   Ch'vayre                 Larry Stroman
 11   Colossus                 Tom Tomkins
 12   Copycat                  Peter Bollinger
 13   Cyber                    Peter Bollinger
 14   Cyclops                  Marc Sasso
 15   Dark Phoenix             Luis Perez
 16   Dazzler                  Boris Vallejo
 17   Domino                   Julie Bell
 18   Exodus                   Bob Larkin
 19   Fitzroy                  Peter Bollinger
 20   Gambit                   Bob Larkin
 21   Gideon                   Peter Bollinger
 22   Grizzly                  Dave Dorman
 23   Haven                    Tom Tomkins
 24   Hodge                    Terese Nielsen
 25   Jean Grey                Julie Bell
 26   Juggernaut               Bob Larkin
 27   Kane                     Ray Lago
 28   Magneto                  Marc Sasso
 29   Maverick                 Marc Sasso
 30   Mojo                     Robert Mitz
 31   Mother Askani            Peter Bollinger
 32   Mr. Sinister             Bob Larkin
 33   Mystique                 Julie Bell
 34   Nimrod                   Catherine Huerta
 35   Omega Red                Dave DeVries
 36   Phalanx                  Larry Stroman
 37   Prior Turrin             Tom Taggert
 38   Psylocke                 Julie Bell
 39   Redd & Slym              Luis Perez
 40   Rogue                    Julie Bell
 41   Sabretooth               Dave DeVries
 42   Sentinels                Catherine Huerta
 43   Shard                    Julie Bell
 44   Siena Blaze              Boris Vallejo
 45   Silver Samurai           Robert Mitz
 46   Sinsear                  Marc Sasso
 47   Storm                    Julie Bell
 48   Stryfe                   Bob Larkin
 49   Sunfire                  Marc Sasso
 50   Tyler                    Peter Bollinger
 51   White Queen              Julie Bell
 52   Wolverine                Dave DeVries
 53   X-Cutioner               Lou Harrison
 54   X-Treme                  Marc Sasso
 55   Guardian                 Glenn Fabry              Alpha Flight
 56   Puck                     Glenn Fabry              Alpha Flight
 57   Vindicator               Glenn Fabry              Alpha Flight
 58   Blob                     Lou Harrison             Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
 59   Phantazia                Lou Harrison             Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
 60   Pyro                     Lou Harrison             Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
 61   Sauron                   Lou Harrison             Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
        variation back: facing left
        variation back: facing right
 62   Toad                     Lou Harrison             Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
 63   Sabretooth               Luis Perez               Alternate X
 64   Amanda Sefton            Cathleen Thole           Excalibur
 65   Cerise                   Cathleen Thole           Excalibur
 66   Douglock                 Cathleen Thole           Excalibur
 67   Nightcrawler             Cathleen Thole           Excalibur
 68   Shadowcat                Cathleen Thole           Excalibur
 69   Tapestry                 Cathleen Thole           Excalibur
 70   Banshee                  Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 71   Chamber                  Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 72   Husk                     Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 73   Jubilee                  Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 74   M                        Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 75   Mondo                    Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 76   Penance                  Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 77   Skin                     Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 78   Synch                    Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 79   White Queen              Robert Rodriguez         Generation X
 80   Feral                    Peter Scanlan            Mutant Liberation Front
 81   Forearm                  Tom Fleming              Mutant Liberation Front
 82   Locus                    Dimitri Patelis          Mutant Liberation Front
 83   Moonstar                 Joann Daley              Mutant Liberation Front
 84   Reaper                   Luis Perez               Mutant Liberation Front
 85   Reignfire                Robert Mitz              Mutant Liberation Front
 86   Tempo                    Alfons Kiefer            Mutant Liberation Front
 87   Wildside                 Joann Daley              Mutant Liberation Front
 88   Angel                    John Romita, Sr.         Original Team
 89   Beast                    John Romita, Sr.         Original Team
 90   Cyclops                  John Romita, Sr.         Original Team
 91   Iceman                   John Romita, Sr.         Original Team
 92   Marvel Girl              John Romita, Sr.         Original Team
 93   Professor X              John Romita, Sr.         Original Team
 94   Beast                    Ray Lago                 X-Men Blue Team
 95   Cyclops                  Ray Lago                 X-Men Blue Team
 96   Gambit                   Ray Lago                 X-Men Blue Team
 97   Psylocke                 Ray Lago                 X-Men Blue Team
 98   Rogue                    Ray Lago                 X-Men Blue Team
 99   Wolverine                Ray Lago                 X-Men Blue Team
100   Archangel                Boris Vallejo            X-Men Gold Team
101   Bishop                   Boris Vallejo            X-Men Gold Team
102   Jean Grey                Boris Vallejo            X-Men Gold Team
103   Iceman                   Boris Vallejo            X-Men Gold Team
104   Storm                    Boris Vallejo            X-Men Gold Team
105   Professor X              Boris Vallejo            X-Men Gold Team
106   Forge                    Nelson DeCastro          X-Factor
107   Havok                    Nelson DeCastro          X-Factor
108   Polaris                  Nelson DeCastro          X-Factor
109   Quicksilver              Nelson DeCastro          X-Factor
110   Random                   Nelson DeCastro          X-Factor
111   Strong Guy               Nelson DeCastro          X-Factor
112   Boomer                   Peter Scanlan            X-Force
113   Cable                    Peter Scanlan            X-Force
114   Cannonball               Peter Scanlan            X-Force
115   Domino                   Peter Scanlan            X-Force
116   Rictor                   Peter Scanlan            X-Force
117   Shatterstar              Peter Scanlan            X-Force
118   Siryn                    Peter Scanlan            X-Force
119   Warpath                  Peter Scanlan            X-Force
120   Fall of the Mutants      Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   X-Overs
121   Fatal Attractions        Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   X-Overs
122   Inferno                  Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   X-Overs
123   Phalanx Covenant         Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   X-Overs
124   X-Cutioner's Song        Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   X-Overs
125   X-Tinction Agenda        Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   X-Overs
126   Archangel vs Apocalypse  Ray Lago                 Greatest Battles
127   Cable vs Deadpool        Glenn Fabry              Greatest Battles
128   Cable vs Stryfe          Ray Lago                 Greatest Battles
129   Cable vs Wolverine       Dan Lawlis               Greatest Battles
130   Cyber vs Wolverine       Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   Greatest Battles
131   Cyclops vs Mr. Sinister  Glenn Fabry              Greatest Battles
132   Longshot vs Mojo         Dan Lawlis               Greatest Battles
133   Magneto vs Professor X   Ray Lago                 Greatest Battles
134   Magneto vs Wolverine     Dan Lawlis               Greatest Battles
135   Omega Red vs Wolverine   Glenn Fabry              Greatest Battles
136   Psylocke vs Revanche     Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   Greatest Battles
137   Rogue vs Ms. Marvel      Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   Greatest Battles
138   Sabretooth vs Jean Grey  Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   Greatest Battles
139   Sabretooth vs Wolverine  Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   Greatest Battles
140   Sauron vs Wolverine      Greg & Tim Hildebrandt   Greatest Battles
141   Bishop                   Luis Royo                Spring Break
142   Gambit & Rogue           Luis Royo                Spring Break
143   Iceman                   Luis Royo                Spring Break
144   Professor X & Jubilee    Luis Royo                Spring Break
145   Psylocke & Archangel     Luis Royo                Spring Break
146   Rogue                    Luis Royo                Spring Break
147   Scott & Jean             Luis Royo                Spring Break
148   Storm                    Luis Royo                Spring Break
149   Wolverine                Luis Royo                Spring Break
150   Checklist                                         Checklist


Sinister Observations (Chromium) Cards

 1/10  Archangel               Julie Bell
 2/10  Bishop                  Julie Bell
 3/10  Cyclops                 Boris Vallejo
 4/10  Gambit                  Julie Bell
 5/10  Iceman                  Julie Bell
 6/10  Jean Grey               Julie Bell
 7/10  Psylocke                Boris Vallejo
 8/10  Rogue                   Boris Vallejo
 9/10  Storm                   Boris Vallejo
10/10  Wolverine               Julie Bell

Hunters & Stalkers (Powerblast) Cards (Art by Dave DeVries)
  (Rainbow, Silver, and Gold Sets) (WalMart Gold: 1:pack)

 1/9   Apocalypse
 2/9   Cable
 3/9   Deadpool
 4/9   Random
 5/9   Bishop
 6/9   Sabretooth
 7/9   Wolverine
 8/9   Magneto
 9/9   Archangel

Suspended Animation Cels (Art by Gary Ciccarelli)

 1/10  Beast
 2/10  Cyclops
 3/10  Gambit
 4/10  Jean Grey
 5/10  Jubilee
 6/10  Magneto
 7/10  Morph
 8/10  Professor X
 9/10  Storm
10/10  Wolverine

Ultraprint Cards (oversized, 6-1/2" x 10")

       Blank backs, some (but not all) with UPC 0 41199 00266 6)

  --   Bishop                  Boris Vallejo
  --   Cable                   Peter Scanlan
  --   Cyclops                 Marc Sasso
  --   Fall of the Mutants     Greg and/or Tim Hildebrandt
  --   Gambit                  Bob Larkin
  --   Iceman                  Luis Royo
  --   Jean Grey               Julie Bell
  --   Mr. Sinister            Bob Larkin
  --   Random                  Nelson
  --   Wolverine               Dave DeVries

Suspended Animation Cards (Art by Gary Ciccarelli)
Included with Toy Biz action figures; the cards have the same
artwork as the Suspended Animation cels but are on regular card
stock, bear a 1994 copyright, and have just a stylized "X" logo
instead of the Fleer Ultra '95 logo found on the cels.

  --   Beast
  --   Cyclops
  --   Gambit
  --   Jean Grey
  --   Jubilee
  --   Magneto
  --   Morph
  --   Professor X
  --   Storm
  --   Wolverine

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


---   Wolverine (Wal-Mart; Dave DeVries art)
---   Weapon X / Alternate X (Wolverine; inserted in comics; Luis Perez art)
---   (2-up panel, 2 diff.)
---   (4-up panel, 2 diff.)
---   (9-up panel)
---   (9-up panel; perforated)
---   (unnumbered, Toy Biz)

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