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X-Men All-Chromium
   Fleer Ultra 1995
1996 Fleer X-Men (WalMart)
   Fleer 1995
1997 X-Men International
   Fleer 1996

Note:  Thanks much to my Marvel Mentor, Amalia Barrios, for clearing up the issues with
these sets!  These are three variations of the same set, with the same basic checklist.  The
All-Chromium set is, well, all-chromium; chase cards and a 99-card Gold Signature parallel
set were issued with the chromium version only, sold in 8-card packs.

The WalMart set holds the same basic images on regular card stock, and was distributed by WalMart stores at two 6-card packs for US$1. The International cards were sold in 5-card packs, with Panini identified as the importer on the box but not noted on the wrappers or cards. The WalMart cards can be distinguished from the International cards easiest by the "1996 Fleer X-Men" in the logo at the lower left of the card fronts, while the International cards' logo is just "Fleer X-Men." The former shows copyright dates of 1995 while the latter shows 1996. Amalia's site has scans that show some of the coloring variations for the card backs, and the WalMart checklist bears the caption "All X-Men - All Kubert," which is missing from the International checklist. Recycling of Card Art, anyone? Thanks much to Chris Wang, IkeaTheKillea, and Edgardo Luis Pereles Velazquez for updates!

All-Chromium Box: 36 packs of 7 chromium cards + 1 gold-foil signature card.
Common sets: approx. 2.28 per box if collation were perfect.
Parallel sets: approximately one per 2.75 boxes.
Retail All-Chromium Box: 20 packs of 7 chromium cards + 1 gold-foil signature card.
Jumbo All-Chromium Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
1996 X-Men Box: 100 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approximately 6.0 per box on average.
X-Men International Box: 36 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approximately 1.80 per box.

No.  Title                            Artist        Type

  1  Archangel                        Andy Kubert   X-Men
  2  Beast                            Andy Kubert   X-Men
  3  Bishop                           Andy Kubert   X-Men
  4  Cannonball                       Andy Kubert   X-Men
  5  Cyclops                          Andy Kubert   X-Men
  6  Gambit                           Andy Kubert   X-Men
  7  Iceman                           Adam Kubert   X-Men
  8  Phoenix                          Adam Kubert   X-Men
  9  Professor X                      Adam Kubert   X-Men
 10  Psylocke                         Andy Kubert   X-Men
 11  Rogue                            Andy Kubert   X-Men
 12  Storm                            Andy Kubert   X-Men
 13  Wolverine                        Adam Kubert   X-Men
 14  Forge                            Andy Kubert   X-Factor
 15  Havok                            Adam Kubert   X-Factor
 16  Mystique                         Joe Kubert    X-Factor
 17  Random                           Adam Kubert   X-Factor
 18  Sabretooth                       Andy Kubert   X-Factor
 19  Strong Guy                       Andy Kubert   X-Factor
 20  Boomer                           Joe Kubert    X-Force
 21  Cable                            Adam Kubert   X-Force
 22  Domino                           Adam Kubert   X-Force
 23  Shatterstar                      Joe Kubert    X-Force
 24  Warpath                          Andy Kubert   X-Force
 25  Colossus                         Andy Kubert   Excalibur
 26  Douglock                         Joe Kubert    Excalibur
 27  Nightcrawler                     Adam Kubert   Excalibur
 28  Shadowcat                        Adam Kubert   Excalibur
 29  Banshee                          Andy Kubert   Generation X
 30  Chamber                          Adam Kubert   Generation X
 31  Husk                             Andy Kubert   Generation X
 32  Jubilee                          Adam Kubert   Generation X
 33  M                                Adam Kubert   Generation X
 34  Mondo                            Andy Kubert   Generation X
 35  Penance                          Andy Kubert   Generation X
 36  Skin                             Adam Kubert   Generation X
 37  Synch                            Andy Kubert   Generation X
 38  White Queen                      Andy Kubert   Generation X
 39  Alter Beast                      Adam Kubert   Age of Apocalypse
 40  Holocaust                        Adam Kubert   Age of Apocalypse
 41  Sugar Man                        Andy Kubert   Age of Apocalypse
 42  X-Man                            Andy Kubert   Age of Apocalypse
 43  Deadbolt                         Joe Kubert    Dark Riders
 44  Gauntlet                         Joe Kubert    Dark Riders
 45  Genesis                          Joe Kubert    Dark Riders
 46  Hurricane                        Joe Kubert    Dark Riders
 47  Lifeforce                        Joe Kubert    Dark Riders
 48  Spyne                            Joe Kubert    Dark Riders
 49  Tusk                             Joe Kubert    Dark Riders
 50  Corsair                          Joe Kubert    Super Hero
 51  Deadpool                         Andy Kubert   Super Hero
 52  Kane                             Joe Kubert    Super Hero
 53  Lilandra                         Andy Kubert   Super Hero
 54  Longshot                         Adam Kubert   Super Hero
 55  Magneto                          Andy Kubert   Super Hero
 56  Maverick                         Adam Kubert   Super Hero
 57  Raza                             Andy Kubert   Super Hero
 58  Albert                           Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 59  Apocalypse                       Joe Kubert    Super Villain
 60  Black Tom Cassidy                Joe Kubert    Super Villain
 61  Blob                             Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 62  Blood Scream                     Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 63  Cyber                            Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 64  Emplate                          Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 65  Gladiator                        Andy Kubert   Super Villain
 66  Juggernaut                       Andy Kubert   Super Villain
 67  Lady Deathstrike                 Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 68  Legion                           Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 69  Locus                            Joe Kubert    Super Villain
 70  Mojo                             Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 71  Mr. Sinister                     Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 72  Omega Red                        Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 73  Orphan Maker                     Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 74  Sauron                           Joe Kubert    Super Villain
 75  Sentinels                        Joe Kubert    Super Villain
 76  Silver Samurai                   Andy Kubert   Super Villain
 77  Spiral                           Andy Kubert   Super Villain
 78  Stryfe                           Andy Kubert   Super Villain
 79  Toad                             Adam Kubert   Super Villain
 80  Logan                            Andy Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 81  CIA                              Adam Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 82  Weapon X                         Adam Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 83  Department H                     Adam Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 84  Mariko                           Andy Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 85  Sidekick                         Adam Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 86  Fatal Attractions                Andy Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 87  Blood Oath                       Adam Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 88  Broken Claws                     Andy Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 89  Back Again                       Adam Kubert   Wolverine Timeline
 90  Beast as Ben Franklin            Andy Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 91  Colossus as Count Vampire        Adam Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 92  Cyclops as The King              Adam Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 93  Gambit as The Cajun Cowboy       Andy Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 94  Iceman as The Snowman            Andy Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 95  Professor X as The Wizard of X   Adam Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 96  Psylocke as The French Maid      Adam Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 97  Rogue as The Vampiress           Adam Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 98  Storm as The Witch               Andy Kubert   Haunted Mansion
 99  Wolverine as Captain Claw        Andy Kubert   Haunted Mansion
100  Checklist                                      Checklist

---  "World's Most Valuable Card" entry card [Pack Insert (WalMart packs only)]


Alternate X Embossed Cards (1:2 packs, All-Chromium set only)

 1 of 20  Beast                       Andy Kubert
 2 of 20  Alter Beast                 Andy Kubert
 3 of 20  Bishop                      Andy Kubert
 4 of 20  Bishop                      Andy Kubert
 5 of 20  Cable                       Adam Kubert
 6 of 20  X-Man                       Adam Kubert
 7 of 20  Cyclops                     Adam Kubert
 8 of 20  Cyclops                     Adam Kubert
 9 of 20  Forge                       Andy Kubert
10 of 20  Forge                       Andy Kubert
11 of 20  Jean Grey                   Adam Kubert
12 of 20  Jean Grey                   Adam Kubert
13 of 20  Mr. Sinister                Adam Kubert
14 of 20  Sinister                    Adam Kubert
15 of 20  Omega Red                   Andy Kubert
16 of 20  Rossovich                   Andy Kubert
17 of 20  Storm                       Andy Kubert
18 of 20  Storm                       Andy Kubert
19 of 20  Wolverine                   Adam Kubert
20 of 20  Weapon X                    Adam Kubert

Lethal Weapons Holo-Flash Cards (1:6 packs, All-Chromium set only)

 1 of 9   Archangel                     Andy Kubert
 2 of 9   Bishop                        Adam Kubert
 3 of 9   Cable                         Andy Kubert
 4 of 9   Domino                        Adam Kubert
 5 of 9   Gambit                        Andy Kubert
 6 of 9   Omega Red                     Andy Kubert
 7 of 9   Psylocke                      Adam Kubert
 8 of 9   Random                        Adam Kubert
 9 of 9   Wolverine                     Andy Kubert

PROMO CARDS (For All-Chromium set)

  ---    Cyclops (Wizard #51; art by Andy Kubert)
  ---    Wolverine (Dealers; art by Adam Kubert)
           Also available as a giveaway during Blockbuster's World Video Game Championship
  ---    (3-up panel)

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