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X-Men Fleer Ultra: Wolverine
   Fleer/SkyBox - 1996

Notes:  Thanks much to Wei How for the original checklist and to Steve Carter, 
Chris Wagner, Edgardo Luis Pereles Velazquez, and Matt Dunn for updates! 
Wayne Paton reports variants for at least some of the common cards, where the 
titles are 
embossed but the gold printer's ink has not been applied.

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Retail Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Jumbo Box: 6 cards per pack.

No.  Title                              Type               Artist(s)

  1  Weapon X                           Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
  2  Sabretooth                         Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
  3  Maverick                           Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
  4  Kestrel                            Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
  5  Wolverine vs. Shiva                Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
  6  Kane                               Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
  7  Deadpool                           Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
  8  Sliver Fox                         Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
  9  Logan & Victor Creed               Weapon X           Glenn Orbik
 10  Wolverine                          Department H       Ken Kelly
 11  Snowbird                           Department H       Ken Kelly
 12  Shaman                             Department H       Ken Kelly
 13  Sasquatch                          Department H       Ken Kelly
 14  Wolverine vs. Hulk                 Department H       Ken Kelly
 15  Northstar                          Department H       Ken Kelly
 16  Aurora                             Department H       Ken Kelly
 17  Puck                               Department H       Ken Kelly
 18  Wolverine & Weapon Alpha           Department H       Ken Kelly
 19  Wolverine                          Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 20  Banshee                            Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 21  Sunfire                            Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 22  Cyclops                            Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 23  Wolverine vs. Krakoa               Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 24  Storm                              Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 25  Nightcrawler                       Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 26  Thunderbird                        Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 27  Wolverine & Colossus               Second Genesis     Tom Kuffin
 28  Wolverine                          Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 29  Mariko Yashida                     Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 30  Silver Samurai                     Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 31  Ogun                               Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 32  Wolverine vs. Lord Shingen         Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 33  Lady Deathstrike                   Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 34  Yukio                              Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 35  Madame Hydra                       Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 36  Wolverine & Shadowcat              Japan              Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 37  Wolverine                          Allies             Dave Dorman
 38  Venom                              Allies             Dave Dorman
 39  Captain America                    Allies             Dave Dorman
 40  Nick Fury                          Allies             Dave Dorman
 41  Wolverine vs. Thing                Allies             Dave Dorman
 42  Ghost Rider                        Allies             Dave Dorman
 43  Punisher                           Allies             Dave Dorman
 44  Black Widow                        Allies             Dave Dorman
 45  Wolverine & Spider-Man             Allies             Dave Dorman
 46  Wolverine                          Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 47  Tyger Tiger                        Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 48  Psylocke                           Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 49  Razorfist                          Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 50  Wolverine vs. Cyber                Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 51  Patch                              Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 52  Geist                              Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 53  Roughouse                          Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 54  Wolverine & Hulk                   Madripoor          Mark Texeira
 55  Li'l Wolvie                        Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 56  Mojo                               Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 57  Dazzler                            Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 58  Mystique                           Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 59  Wolverine vs. Spiral               Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 60  Baby Colossus & Baby Nightcrawler  Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 61  Baby Storm  & Baby Havok           Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 62  Babies Rogue, Longshot & Dazzler   Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 63  Wolverine & Longshot               Mojoworld          Tom Fleming
 64  Wolverine                          Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 65  Bloodscream                        Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 66  Donald Pierce                      Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 67  Deathbird                          Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 68  Wolverine vs. Sabretooth           Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 69  Brood                              Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 70  Albert                             Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 71  Omega Red                          Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 72  Wolverine & Typhoid Mary           Enemies            Cliff Nielsen
 73  Wolverine                          X-Men              Joe Jusko
 74  Bishop                             X-Men              Joe Jusko
 75  Gambit                             X-Men              Joe Jusko
 76  Archangel                          X-Men              Joe Jusko
 77  Wolverine vs. Magneto              X-Men              Joe Jusko
 78  Rogue                              X-Men              Joe Jusko
 79  Beast                              X-Men              Joe Jusko
 80  Jean Grey                          X-Men              Joe Jusko
 81  Wolverine & Jubilee                X-Men              Joe Jusko
 82  Weapon X                           Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 83  Sabretooth                         Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 84  Cyclops                            Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 85  Havok                              Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 86  Weapon X vs. Cyclops               Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 87  Magneto                            Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 88  Pierce                             Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 89  Apocalypse                         Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 90  Weapon X & Jean Grey               Age of Apocalypse  Marc Sasso
 91  Wolverine                          Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
 92  Cannonball                         Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
 93  Lifeforce                          Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
 94  Deadbolt & Dirt Nap                Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
 95  Wolverine vs. Genesis              Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
 96  Hurricane                          Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
 97  Expediter                          Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
 98  Spyne                              Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
 99  Wolverine & Elektra                Savage Beast       Brian Stelfreeze
100  Checklist                          Checklist

---  (Acclaim Advertising Booklet)                         Pack Insert


HoloFlash Cards

1/9  Phoenix                                               The Hildebrandts
2/9  Gambit                                                The Hildebrandts
3/9  Bishop                                                The Hildebrandts
4/9  Wolverine                                             The Hildebrandts
5/9  Magneto                                               The Hildebrandts
6/9  Jubilee                                               The Hildebrandts
7/9  Storm                                                 The Hildebrandts
8/9  Cyclops                                               The Hildebrandts
9/9  Professor X                                           The Hildebrandts

Mirage Cards

one of three    MarvelMotion
two of three    MarvelMorph
three of three  MarvelMirage


   P1   Wolverine (Bone Claws; art by Mark Texiera; dealer promo)
           (also box-topper insert with Marvel Onslaught series)
  ---   (4-up panel, 5" x 7"; cards 19-37-73-82)

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