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X-Men The Movie Action Flipz
Artbox - 2000

Note:  These cards are small (2x2-inch) lenticular cards. In each of my two boxes, the
three 3-D Chase Cards I pulled were the same within the box. 

Box: 24 packs of 4 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.32 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                          Affiliation

01    The X-Men Team vs. The Brotherhood of Mutants
02    Cyclops                                        Team Leader of the X-Men
03    Toad                                           The Brotherhood of Mutants
04    Jean Grey                                      The X-Men Team
05    Sabretooth                                     The Brotherhood of Mutants
06    Wolverine                                      The X-Men Team
07    Mystique                                       The Brotherhood of Mutants
08    Rogue                                          The X-Men Team
09    Professor X                                    Founder of the X-Men
10    Storm                                          The X-Men Team
11    Magneto                                        Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants
12    Jean Grey
13    Mystique vs. Storm
14    Wolverine vs. Magneto
15    Cyclops
16    Toad
17    Sabretooth vs. Storm
18    Mystique
19    Storm
20    The X-Men Team vs. The Brotherhood of Mutants
21    Wolverine
22    Cyclops vs. Toad
23    Mystique vs. Rogue
24    Sabretooth
25    Cyclops vs. Mystique
26    Magneto vs. Wolverine
27    Rogue and Storm
28    Magneto and Toad
29    Sabretooth vs. Wolverine
30    Cyclops and Jean Grey
31    Mystique vs. Wolverine
32    Magneto
33    Sabretooth
34    Mystique
35    Professor X
36    Wolverine
37    Cyclops
38    Storm
39    Magneto vs. Professor X
40    The X-Men Team vs. The Brotherhood of Mutants


3-D Chase Cards (approx. 1:8 packs?)

C1    Cyclops
C2    Wolverine
C3    Storm
C4    The Exam Room

3-D Rare Card

R1    The X-Men Team

©2000, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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