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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning Playing Cards
   Anonymous - 1990s

Notes: Sold as a sealed deck.

 Card   Title           Team

  A S   Professor X     X-Men
  2 S   Jubilee         X-Men
  3 S   Iceman          X-Men
  4 S   Rogue           X-Men
  5 S   Archangel       X-Men
  6 S   Gambit          X-Men
  7 S   Beast           X-Men
  8 S   Magneto         Evil Mutants
  9 S   Jean Grey       X-Men
 10 S   Bishop          X-Men
  J S   Wolverine       X-Men
  Q S   Storm           X-Men
  K S   Cyclops         X-Men

  A H   Professor X     X-Men
  2 H   Jubilee         X-Men
  3 H   Iceman          X-Men
  4 H   Rogue           X-Men
  5 H   Archangel       X-Men
  6 H   Gambit          X-Men
  7 H   Beast           X-Men
  8 H   Mr. Sinister    Evil Mutants
  9 H   Jean Grey       X-Men
 10 H   Bishop          X-Men
  J H   Wolverine       X-Men
  Q H   Storm           X-Men
  K H   Cyclops         X-Men

  A D   Professor X     X-Men
  2 D   Jubilee         X-Men
  3 D   Iceman          X-Men
  4 D   Rogue           X-Men
  5 D   Archangel       X-Men
  6 D   Gambit          X-Men
  7 D   Beast           X-Men
  8 D   Sabretooth      Evil Mutants
  9 D   Jean Grey       X-Men
 10 D   Bishop          X-Men
  J D   Wolverine       X-Men
  Q D   Storm           X-Men
  K D   Cyclops         X-Men

  A C   Professor X     X-Men
  2 C   Jubilee         X-Men
  3 C   Iceman          X-Men
  4 C   Rogue           X-Men
  5 C   Archangel       X-Men
  6 C   Gambit          X-Men
  7 C   Beast           X-Men
  8 C   Apocalypse      Evil Mutants
  9 C   Jean Grey       X-Men
 10 C   Bishop          X-Men
  J C   Wolverine       X-Men
  Q C   Storm           X-Men
  K C   Cyclops         X-Men

Joker   Arcade          Evil Mutants
Joker   The Toad        Evil Mutants

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