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The Yellow Kid (small numbers)
   Adams Chewing Gum - ca. 1905
The Yellow Kid (large numbers)
   Adams Chewing Gum - ca. 1905

Notes: The 2-3/4" x 4-3/8" cards were inserted with gum. A "first 
wave" had red-yellow-black artwork, blank backs, and small numbers 
on card fronts. A second wave upgraded to full-color artwork, large 
card numbers, and "The Game of The Yellow Kid" described on backs. 
Cards show the 1896 copyright of the original comic strip. American 
Card Catalog reference for both varieties is E231.

No.   Title / Caption

  1   Off for Europe
  2   A Musical on Board Ship
  3   Huly Gee Ders Old South Hampton
  4   Say Dunraven why dont you take a little more sand
  5   Say Billy Astor dis beets America dont it?
  6   A Call on Phil May
  7   Say dats one of dem gutter snipes of Phil May's
  8   Say! Glad' i aint Davenport but i come to see ye.
  9   Do yer tink Mr. Miclaren will rite about me? Are y
 10   (tea with the Queen)
 11   Say Vic. Dis beets skatin on de Bowery
 12   A Ride with the Dutchess
 13   Say me and de Duk and Dutches is goin huntin
 14   A Game of Baccaret
 15   Ole Sal' says me and him dont nede no arbitrashun
 16   To Tan-Y-Bwlch and Ffestiniog Valley
 17   Gee dere trowen dont kut no ise. But dey kawld me
 18   Punch
 19   Oh! Say I must interduce them in Amerika aint she
 20   Gee but aint she a burd. I hardly dast look at her
 21   It is havin my picture took by de Queen's artist a
 22   Gee! Dat'll queer de Kid!
 23   Say! This hot skotch is de only hot stuff wat ever
 24   Quiet! Dat is oful
 25   Huly Gee kin I dance de sword dance ah kin de prin

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