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The Yellow Kid
   Kitchen Sink Press - 1995

Notes: Cards were sold as a boxed set, 2-3/4" x 3-3/4", and feature 
color cover artwork on fronts and descriptive text on backs, showing 
the history of the late-1800s comic strip. The first 25 cards reproduce 
images from a series inserted with Adams' Yellow Kid Chewing Gum 
circa 1905 (showing the full-color "large number" variation).

No.   Title

  1   Who Was the Yellow Kid?
  2   R. F. Outcault
  3   The Zeitgeist
  4   Truth
  5   The New York World: The Beginning
  6   The New York World: The Rise to Fame
  7   The New York World: The Transition
  8   The New York Journal: The Conclusion
  9   The New York Evening Journal
 10   Newspaper Advertising Posters
 11   Newspaper Ads
 12   Yellow Journalism
 13   Yellow Kid Caricatures
 14   Merchandising the Yellow Kid from A to Z
 15   Adams' Gum Company
 16   The Yellow Kid Book
 17   Yellow Kid Dolls
 18   The Yellow Kid Magazine
 19   Original Art
 20   Photographs
 21   Pnbacks: The Cigarette Set 1-100
 22   Pinbacks: The Cigarette Set 101-160
 23   Pinbacks: Independents
 24   Postcards: Pioneer Cards
 25   Postcards: Advertising Cards
 --   Pulver Gum Company
 --   Printer's Blocks
 --   Sheet Music
 --   Tobacco
 --   Toys
 --   Trade Cards: American
 --   Trade Cards: German
 --   XYZ
 --   Contemporary Yellow Kid Collectibles
 --   Outcault's Other Comic Characters
 --   The R. F. Outcault Society

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