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Your Future Husband - Your Future Children
Exhibit Supply Co. - 1935

Notes: The 3-3/8" x 5-3/8" , blank-back cards were sold in vending machines, 
and were reprinted up through the 1970s. Featured are photos and humorous 
text for hypothetical connections, with 0-8 future kids. The inscription shows 
"© 1935 Ex. Sup. Co., Chgo.,  Made in U.S.A.", but the year may have been 
suppressed for later reprints. All card text begins with "Your Future Husband 
will be ..."

    Card Text

    an actor, a matinee idol. He knows his P.'s an
    an aviator, a high flier and a champion parach
    a bill collector, travelling from door to door
    a book agent, and will certainly keep books on
    a counselor-at-law, and once he has you on the
    a count - no 'count. You will say "yes" to him
    a detective, and he will detect everything abo
    a drug store cowboy. You will meet him milking
    a first rate, first mate sailor with a sweethe
    a flea trainer, and he will keep you busy catc
    a football hero, worshipped by the crowd and b
    a Fuller Brush man. He will come to your door
    a gasoline station operator, a nursemaid to a
    a gigolo, and Oh! Boy! how he can jiggle. His
    a handsome cowboy form the wide open spaces. H
    a handsome sailor, fresh off a Bumboat, who ha
    a magician, and will pull many a funny trick f
    a nudist cult doctor, so you will not have muc
    an old lord with young ideas, and Lord! how he
    an old rags, old iron man. You will be attract
    a parson who knows the difference between righ
    a playboy. He would rather loaf than work and
    a polieceman, with flat feet, a No. 12 shoe an
    a prince. He will fall in love with you at fir
    a race track tout. He will know every filly at
    a radio crooner. You will fall in love with hi
    a ribbon counter jumper. His falsetto voice an
    a sheriff. Don't say "no" because he carries a
    a soldier, a brave young man who has shouldere
    a Spanish bull fighter, and how he can throw t
    a tight Scothman, in fact he will be tight mos
    an undertaker, and you will undertake a big jo

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