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Your Future Wife - Your Future Children
Exhibit Supply Co. - 1935

Notes: The 3-3/8" x 5-3/8" , blank-back cards were sold in vending machines, 
and were reprinted up through the 1970s. Featured are photos and humorous 
text for hypothetical connections, with 0-8 future kids. The inscription shows 
"© 1935 Ex. Sup. Co., Chgo.,  Made in U.S.A.", but the year may have been 
suppressed for later reprints. All card text begins with "Your Future Wife 
will be ..."

    Card Text

    an actress, a queen of the footlights and lead
    an artist. She will like your "profile" and sa
    an author, with some very definite ideas. She
    an aviatrix. She will keep you "up in the air.
    a bar maid, and pretty lively little vixen and
    a brown haired, blue eyed, charming co-ed, the
    a chorus girl. The only difference between her
    a cook, a girl who will understand her pans, l
    a debutante, wholesome and sweet, but ultra mo
    a governess. She is used to governing and will
    an heiress, one of society's spoiled and pampe
    a judge. She will both judge and mis-judge you
    a landlady. After sizing you up, and admiring
    a little farmer's daughter, with apple cheeks
    a merry wash woman, who will also "take in" fl
    a merry widow, blonde, lively, and elusive. Yo
    a movie star. Her beauty is only skin deep, an
    a night club hostess, where you will meet her
    a nurse. She will be good for that headache th
    an opera star. She will be the toast of Broadw
    a pianist, an adorable sweet little "Gertie gi
    a practicing attorney. You will develop quite
    a radio singer. You will win her away from the
    a rich widow with five children. She will marr
    a saleslady. She will be a great success in "r
    a school teacher, and although you think you a
    a snake charmer and she knows how to handle he
    a Spanish Senorita, a lovely daughter of the S
    a stenopragher, blonde, beautiful, and just du
    a telephone operator. She will fall for you be
    a toe dancer with cold feet, which she will ke
    a waitress, a little corn fed from the tall ti

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