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Your Ideal Love Mate (for Men)
Exhibit Supply Co. - 1941

Notes: The 3-3/8" x 5-3/8" , blank-back cards were sold in vending machines, 
and were reprinted up through the 1970s. Featured are photos in a heart outline 
and humorous text for hypothetical connections. The inscription shows "Copr. 
1941 Ex. Sup. Co., Chgo.,  - M -  Made in U.S.A.", but the year may have been 
suppressed for later reprints.

    Card Text

    Orchids to this love mate who cheerfully makes
    She will be lovely - physically and metally ..
    Sweetheart, wife, mother and friend - in each
    These traits in this woman will make you an Id
    This charming lady as your Ideal Mate is one w
    This is a cheerful, interesting companion and
    With this Ideal Mate you must get along withou
    Your Ideal Mate avoids the following male phob
    Your Ideal Mate does not marry for convenience
    Your Ideal Mate has many attributes. She is fr
    Your Ideal Mate has the kind of physical allur
    Your Ideal Mate is a girl whos appearance comp
    Your Ideal Mate is a good cook, an immaculate
    Your Ideal Mate is a true woman minus the fals
    Your Ideal Mate is charming, intelligent, capa
    Your Ideal Mate is ever ready to adapt herself
    Your Ideal Mate is not a modern Venus or Cleop
    Your Ideal Mate is one who - if she has a good
    Your Ideal Mate is one who doesn't look for ha
    Your Ideal Mate is one who gives and expects r
    Your Ideal Mate is one who has learned about m
    Your Ideal Mate is one who knows what it's all
    Your Ideal Mate is one whose love, companionsh
    Your Ideal Mate is the kind of girl who would
    Your Ideal Mate is: Pretty, pulchritudinous an
    Your Ideal Mate makes your marriage both ideal
    Your Ideal Mate may be a slim, brunette, plain
    Your Ideal Mate will add a little spice to the
    Your Ideal Mate will be considerate, unselfish
    Your Ideal Mate will be like a tip from the co
    Your Ideal Mate will have a lot of "It" or a c
    Your little Ideal Love Mate will be a little m

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