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YO! MTV Raps [Series 2]
ProSet - 1991

Note:  This series was issued in "update" packs, that included approximately six cards from
the previous "series" (numbered 1-100) and four cards from the second "series" (numbered
101-150) per pack.  Thus, in the update packs, the second-series cards are found slightly
more frequently (about 2.9 per pack, on average, versus about 2.2 of each per pack).

No.   Card Text                                         Artist / Group

101   is affiliated with The Native Tongues, which al   A Tribe Called Quest
102   debut album, Licensed to Ill, spent seven weeks   The Beastie Boys
103   were one of the first white rap groups to gain    The Beastie Boys
104   Their debut album, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing,    Black Sheep
105   Although the members of the group are originall   Black Sheep
106   Before Forming BN, each member was in a differe   Brand Nubian
107   Their debut album, All For One, tries to raise    Brand Nubian
108   Bytches With Problems' debut album, The Bytches   BWP
109   While appearing on the Donahue Show, BWP got in   BWP
110   Hailing from Queens, New York, CG began his off   Craig G
111   has started to branch out and do commercials. Y   Daddy-O
112   , the founder of Stetsasonic, the first hip-hop   Daddy-O
113   's debut album, Just A Poet With Soul, launched   Def Jef
114   has appeared on several soundtracks: Marked For   Def Jef
115   are now on the radio. You can hear their show "   Doctor Dré and Ed Lover
116   Due to the success of YO! MTV Raps today, DDD&E   Doctor Dré and Ed Lover
117   In the fall of 1990 and the spring of 1991, DD&   Doctor Dré and Ed Lover
118   For those of you who don't have cable and are n   Doctor Dré and Ed Lover
119   On their debut album, Life Of A Kid in The Ghet   Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs
120   Hailing from Roxbury, Mass., EOG&DB (Every Day    Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs
121   is not just a video jockey. He is a well-establ   Fab 5 Freddy
122   The album Peaceful Journey is the third album f   Heavy D. & the Boyz
123   is one of the few rappers who is also a DJ. He    Kid Capri
124   hail from Long Island, New York (also known as    KMD
125   's self-produced album Mr. Hood raises the cons   KMD
126   On his current album Funke Funke Wisdom, KMD te   Kook Moe Dee
127   actually got their start as DJs in South Los An   L.A. Posse
128   's biggest production was L. L. Cool J's second   L.A. Posse
129   About their debut album, Future Without A Past,   Leaders of the New School
130   On their debut album, Future Without A Past, Lo   Leaders of the New School
131   The group produced their debut album, Breaking    Main Source
132   is one of the few groups who sample jazz, regga   Main Source
133   was raised in L.A. and later moved to New York.   Nikki D
134   Being the first female rapper on Def Jam record   Nikki D
135   got their start by dancing for M.C. Hammer. Ham   Oaktown's 3.5.7
136   After the success of their debut album, Wild An   Oaktown's 3.5.7
137   sums herself up as an artist and a rapper in he   Queen Latifah
138   The name 'Latifah' is Arabic for delicate and s   Queen Latifah
139   is starting to do other projects besides rappin   Queen Latifah
140   "We call ourselves RIF because rappin' is fun b   Rappin' Is Fundamental
141   is currently serving time in prison. He was con   Slick Rick
142   While out on bail, SR recorded two new albums a   Slick Rick
143   is YO! Mailman on "YO! MTV Raps Today." He also   T-Money
144   The group TA gets their name from the huge Afro   The Afros
145   On their debut album, Kickin' Afrolistics, TA b   The Afros
146   In July of 1993 3B released their second album,   3rd Bass
147   's second album Derelicts Of Dialect went gold    3rd Bass
148   is not only known for his rapping skills, but h   Tony D
149   is not only a producer; he owns his own product   Tony D
150   Ted Demme is the Supervising Producer of YO! MT   YO! Posse

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--    Yo! MTV Raps


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