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You'll Die Laughing Series 2
   Topps - 1973

Notes: Some sources consider Series 1 and Series 2 to be a single 128-card set, but they 
were packaged and distributed separately. Packs were identified with the large title 
"Creature Feature," but most collectors identify the set from the large "You'll Die 
Laughing" that appears on the cards. Series 2 had a "**" next to the copyright notice, 
while Series 1 shows a "*" . The U.K. version  by A&BC uses images from both 
Series 1 and Series 2 but often changes the captions. Thanks to Richard Law Orloski 
for the update!

No.   Caption

 63   But Dear.. There must be an easier way to hang a picture!
 64   Taxi!
 65   She's gonna have to join Weight-Watchers
 66   Good Heavens .... dishpan hands?
 67   "I Love You Tru-ly"
 68   Look Albert ... A hamburger stand!
 69   But we're supposed to pick you up!
 70   An' a one an' a two....
 71   Who threw that mudball?
 72   Burp! Excuse Me!
 73   Wait'll I get my hands on that hair styler!
 74   Just where does your tummy hurt, Junior?
 75   You oughtta see the other guy!
 76   I've heard of hangovers, but this is ridiculous!
 77   No thanks --- I quit smoking a year ago!
 78   Try it -- You'll like it!
 79   But I don't want to dance anymore!
 80   Okay.... Who put starch in my pants again?
 81   Maybe we are rushing things, Frankie!
 82   Mary, we're out of toilet paper again!
 83   I told you not to go out without a hat!
 84   The contract says I get top billing!
 85   C'mon Irving .... Just one more for the road!
 86   You forgot your oil can again, Dear!
 87   These vitamins really work!
 88   Gosh, I'll never find that fuse box!
 89   Hey, Charlie... Time to get up!
 90   ... And for my next shadow picture...!
 91   This exercise is killing me!
 92   Do you have dishpan hands?
 93   Gee... I hope she's housebroken!
 94   Try to give me the brush-off, eh?
 95   "Me ... and My Shad-dow" ...
 96   Congratulations, Larry,... She's a great little gal!
 97   Isn't there an easier way to remove a mole?
 98   Aw, c'mon Frankie, you always get to bat first!
 99   But I gave at the office!
100   Remember.... Only you can prevent forest fires!
101   Man, that's coffee!
102   Well, I'll be a Mummy's uncle!
103   Horror comics sure have some scary characters!
104   Fools! You're singing off-key again!
105   Aw c'mon... Tell me one more bedtime story!
106   What's the matter? Haven't you seen a canary before?
107   I won't dance with you and that's final!
108   Does this mean we're engaged?
109   Brand 'A' gives faster relief than the other leading brand!
110   How do you like my new charm bracelet?
111   But you knew I snored before you married me!
112   Smile!... You're on Candid Camera!
113   I've had it with those piano lessons!
114   You've been in the water so long you'r skin's wrinkled!
115   Quick, Honey, get the Raid!
116   These old horror movies sure are ridiculous!
117   How long does it take till this nail polish dries?
118   I gotta lay off those sweets!
119   Who put all that pepper on my eggs?
120   Honey, I have an axe to grind with you!
121   Don't take too much off the top, Dear!
122   Wait till I find the guy who sold me that hair restorer!
123   But Judge -- I was only doing thirty!
124   Agnes, I warned you about those diet pills!
125   I've heard of close shaves but this is ridiculous!
126   ... I'll be done cutting your hair in a moment!
127   Wanna neck?
128   ... Maybe it's my breath!

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