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You'll Die Laughing
   Bubbles (Topps) - 1959

Notes: Thanks much to Steve VandeVelde for the list!American Card Catalog reference 
is R708-5. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Card Text

  1   I Just came back from the beauty parlor, can't you tell?
  2   I'd like a pair of eye glasses please!
  3   I'd like to buy a monster mask!
  4   By when I get a headache it's a beaut!
  5   Ma, did you call for a baby sitter?
  6   Doc, can I stop taking these reducing pills?
  7   Doc, Those hair growing pills sure worked!
  8   What d'ya mean, there are no man-eating plants in Bongo land?
  9   Boy, They sure got ugly girls in this neighborhood!
 10   So you really think you've re-discovered the Jejyll and Hyde formula, eh, Twombley?
 11   Earth monsters! Full speed back to Mars.
 12   What happened? You're white as a sheet?
 13   Our next speaker is an expert on plant life!
 14   What do you mean, Shirley, I'm not your type?
 15   Just one drink and I start seeing the strangest things.
 16   Wait till I try this on the next customer!
 17   I told you time and time again smoking will stunt your growth.
 18   I've got just the gift for the man who has everything.
 19   Let's tell scary stories.
 20   no caption
 21   Gulp! I don't know if I have blue suede shoes in your size.
 22   That's right.  Open nice and wide.
 23   Your whole family will enjoy this picture.
 24   Trick or Treat lady?
 25   ...and the Earth people are strange creatures with only one head!
 26   Start with the ankles.
 27   What have you got in a bred perfume that smells like blood?
 28   -- and no hitting below the belt.
 29   But Daddy, you always said two heads are better than one.
 30   Doc, I have terrible nightmares, I dream about Human Beings -
 31   I've got power steering, too.
 32   Two pairs, please!
 33   Dear, I have a surprise for you.
 34   I said you could beat up his Dad!
 35   Watch the Birdie!
 36   Look Ma, no cavities.
 37   So there's a fly in your room, so what?
 38   Lovely night, isn't it?
 39   What did you find in your prize package?
 40   Mr. Drustrum is in charge of weird stories.
 41   Did you say there was somebody on the phone, dear?
 42   Sure makes you look ugly!
 43   That department store - They're always sending me the wrong thing.
 44   I took 6 lessons.  How come I ain't popular yet?
 45   Those missionaries did a good job here.
 46   So I said to the witch doctor 'I dare you to shrink my head -'
 47   And wait till you see the view around the bend, dear.
 48   Waddaya mean, it's bad luck to walk under a ladder?
 49   Doc, you got to do something, everytime I smile I bite my nose!
 50   Pay no attention to him, dear.
 51   If you want anything -- scream.
 52   Can I borrow a cup of poison?
 53   Who put pepper in my bubble gum?
 54   Darn few arguments when Smedly umpires a game.
 55   How are your silly 'Invisible Man' experiments going, Henshaw?
 56   Do you believe in Humans?
 57   Would you wrap it as a gift, please!!
 58   I told you we dug too deep!
 59   You will soon meet a tall dark man.
 60   It's going to rain, I can feel it in my bones.
 61   There will be a slight additional charge, sir!
 62   Tsk, Tsk, How silly can TV get?
 63   I can't understand why girls don't like me!!
 64   C'mon Charlie, you can't fool me with that silly disguise.
 65   Hey, Hey!  Wait till they find out I'm the new baby sitter.
 66   This photographer does beautiful work.

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