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You'll Die Laughing - Test Issue
Topps - 1973

Notes:  This 18-card skip-number set was a test distribution for the 128-card set that
was eventually produced.  The cards can be distinguished from the regular set from
the caption "Collect the Entire Series" at the left of the card backs. Thanks to
Shelene Caldwell for the correction!

No.   Title

 1    Boy, they've sure got some ugly girls in this neighborhood !
 2    Maybe it was a mistake to keep you after school !
 3    Who fooled around with my butane lighter ?
 9    Wait till I find the guy who sold me that hair restorer !
10    I've heard of hangovers, but this is ridiculous !
11    "Me ... and My Shad-dow"...
12    And Papa Bear said "Somebody ate my porridge, too!"
13    Watch it lady! I'm the store detective!
14    I see a tall, dark stranger in your future!
20    Who threw that mudball ?
21    Gosh, I'll never find that fuse box !
22    Just where does your tummy hurt, Junior ?
23    Could you direct me to the Olympic Stadium, Sir ?
24    Who took my Right Guard ?
25    I can't understand why girls don't like me !
31    Okay....Who put starch in my pants again ?
32    How long does it take till this nail polish dries ?
33    Remember.... Only you can prevent forest fires !

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