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You'll Die Laughing
   A&BC Cards - 1974

Notes: The set draws images from both Series 1 and Series 2 of the U.S. edition, 
often with changed captions. Packs were identified with the large title "Creature 
Feature," but most collectors identify the set from the large "You'll Die Laughing" 
that appears on the cards. I have not verified the captions for some of the A&BC 
cards; those are shown with the U.S. captions and a "u" in the list after the card 

No.   Caption

 01 u Wait till I find the guy who sold me that hair restorer!
 02   I gotta lay off those sweets
 03   Monster: "Hey, Charlie -- Time to get up!"
 04   Mary, we're out of toilet paper again
 05   Gosh, I'll never find that fusebox
 06   "Remember, Only you can prevent forest fires!"
 07   I'm available for blind dates
 08 u I can't understand why girls don't like me!
 09 u Watch it Lady! I'm the store detective!
 10   .... O Solo Mio .....
 11   Wait till I get my hands on that travel agent!
 12 u This terrible haircut just ruins my good looks.
 13   And Papa Bear said "Somebody ate my porridge, too!"
 14   But Judge - I was only doing thirty!
 15   Just where does your tummy hurt Junior?
 16   That's what I get for chain smoking!
 17   Who put all that pepper on my eggs?
 18   ".... And for my next shadow picture..."
 19   I'm a brain
 20   Last one in the water is a rotten egg!
 21   I'm sure my ball rolled under this car!
 22   Come on in! The water's fine!
 23   Boy , they've sure got some ugly girls in this neighborhood!
 24   Yoo-hoo .... Ice Cream Man!
 25   If you don't like this carpet I'll show you something in red.
 26   Now sing it from the heart!
 27   And your secretary told me you weren't in!
 28   My boy, I don't think you're cut out for Medical School!
 29   I warn you, Frankie, smoking will stunt your growth.
 30   I've heard of hangovers but this is ridiculous!
 31 u Wait'll I get my hands on that hair styler!
 32   If it comes with two pair of pants, I'll take it.
 33   Wait till they find out I'm the new baby sitter!
 34   Who says I'm too young to shave?
 35 u Who fooled around with my butane lighter?
 36   If you want anything, just scream!
 37   Please... Not on our first date!
 38   Lullaby and Goodnight
 39   Would somebody tell me a scary story?
 40   I think my deodorant failed!
 41   Watch out for that mole on the back of my neck!
 42   Good Heavens .... dishpan hands?
 43   Be my ghoul friend
 44   You make me drool!
 45 u What do you mean my mother has a mustache?
 46   My girdle is killing me!
 47   Who took my Right Guard?
 48   I wonder if she noticed my dandruff?
 49   I take it you didn't like the meal, Sir!
 50   In this part of the world everyone looks like me!
 51   And we'll put the new chair in that corner!
 52 u O.K. O.K. You bowl ...
 53   That's the most ridiculous face I ever saw!
 54   Who threw that mudball?
 55   Remember Mummy's Day
 56   You're not going to that Women's Lib meeting and that's final!
 57 u Okay, okay, you can have the car tonight!
 58   I wish she'd stop falling asleep in front of the T.V.!
 59   Pssst! Wanna buy a good watch?
 60   Gee Kid, you weigh a ton!
 61   Could you direct me to the Olympic Stadium, Sir?
 62   One - Two - Cha-Cha-Cha!
 63   I see a tall, dark stranger in your future!
 64   But I used a mouthwash this morning!
 65   Oh Darling, you've cut yourself shaving again!
 66   No sleeping in a public park, Lady!

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