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You Slay Me!
Imagine - 1992

Notes:  A "deluxe autographed set," including the base 60 cards plus three
autographed cards, was available as a mail-in offer.  Another mail-in offer
provided a collector's box plus checklist.  Thanks to Jan Burns Cederquist
for the updates!

No.   Card Text

  1   "Sweetheart, remember when we met I told you I
  2   1-900-FUN-GHOUL
  3   "This one really gives me the creeps."
  4   "Mommy, there's a dead beatle in my room!"
  5   "I hope you remembered my do-it-yourself autop
  6   "They expect us to believe this stuff?"
  7   (Haircut prices)
  8   (Jukebox)
  9   (Human in the Box)
 10   "Don't buy any green bananas."
 11   "Tonight, let's eat Italian!"
 12   "So Hopkins, how is it going with those space
 13   "I don't know what's wrong. I was up all day a
 14   "Fangs for the memories!"
 15   (Human Scenes)
 16   "What's taking this train so long?"
 17   (Happy Mothers Day!)
 18   "Do you know if you're near or far-sighted?"
 19   "Maybe today I'll hook 'The Big One!'"
 20   "Try to get it through on the first slice this
 21   "I have some distressing news for you gentleme
 22   "We had something more like that in mind."
 23   "Houston, you're never going to believe this!"
 24   "He's the brains of the outfit."
 25   "Have you been waiting long?"
 26   "I wonder if it's U.L. listed?"
 27   "I love New York!"
 28   "Nah, there's no such thing as Big Foot."
 29   "This bloods for you!"
 30   "Is that how they did it?!"
 31   "Small, unmarked vials..."
 32   "How did they know we were coming!?"
 33   "I've fallen and I can't get up!"
 34   "You look awful."
 35   "Excuse me, Miss. I think I'll have the french
 36   (Animals are people too!!!)
 37   "Phone home? Is this some kind of joke?!"
 38   "Whew! Six hours on the road. I can't wait to
 39   "If it's only a spider then just step on it!"
 40   "I'm not only President of Scare Club for Men,
 41   "Why this print must be millions of years old!
 42   "This new acne medication was a little too str
 43   "Still think time travel is poppycock?"
 44   "Hurry up, Private and get those skulls peeled
 45   "That's the last time I use those generic chem
 46   "Those lips, those eyes, those nose."
 47   "What's the matter Bowser, ... pooh-pooh time
 48   "My 1991 trip to Iraq was so successful, what
 49   "That one always gets to me!"
 50   "Can I offer you a bile or spinal fluid cockta
 51   "Does it work? Here's our first customer!"
 52   "Is that Mrs. Smith?"
 53   "So you say you're a prince. The singer or the
 54   "I'll start off with a Bloody Mary... If she's
 55   (Wormy apple)
 56   "We're rich!"
 57   (Dr. Ghasty)
 58   "Always use fresh ingredients."
 59   (Sugar Frosted Feces)
 60   "We're sorry, but you're still ugly."

 --   (You Slay Me! Credits, pack insert)


Autographed Cards (included with Deluxe Edition)

 61   John Graziano
 62   Bob Michelucci
 63   Tim Ferrante

Checklist (mail-in offer)

 --   You Slay Me

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