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Zap Pax Series 1
Cardz - 1992

Note:  This set features characters and tips from a variety of video games.
Thanks much to Hermana Daamen for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.62 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                  Game

  1   Scuzz                  Battletoads
  2   Zebediah               Totally Rad
  3   Williams               Double Dragon
  4   Biclopter              Totally Rad
  5   Abobo                  Double Dragon
  6   Rash                   Battletoads
  7   Gravitus               Shatterhand
  8   Aqua Knight            The Krion Conquest
  9   Laserbot               Shatterhand
 10   M5 Scorpion            Vice: Project Doom
 11   Rubyllia               Totally Rad
 12   Captain Hawk           Shadow Ninja
 13   General Slaughter      Battletoads
 14   General Grover         Shatterhand
 15   Mech Dog               Metal Mech: Man & Machine
 16   Francesca              The Krion Conquest
 17   Proton                 Vice: Project Doom
 18   Willy                  Double Dragon
 19   Astro guard            The Krion Conquest
 20   Milon                  Milon's Secret Castle
 21   Nautilus               Adventure Island II
 22   Zitz                   Battletoads
 23   Gilga                  The Magic of Scheherezade
 24   Queen Eliza            Milon's Secret Castle
 25   Krion Queen            The Krion Conquest
 26   Skull Demon            Milon's Secret Castle
 27   Chintai                Double Dragon
 28   Metal Mech             Metal Mech: Man & Machine
 29   Rat Man                Vice: Project Doom
 30   PCU-100 Vardkin        Vice: Project Doom
 31   Quinn Hart             Vice: Project Doom
 32   Jade Demon             Milon's Secret Castle
 33   Mary Lynn              Flying Warriors
 34   Infernon               Shatterhand
 35   Lopar                  Double Dragon
 36   Emperor Garuda         Shadow of the Ninja
 37   Curly                  The Magic of Scheherezade
 38   Missleman              Shadow of the Ninja
 39   Octopus                Adventure Island II
 40   Gold Demon             Milon's Secret Castle
 41   Sabaron                The Magic of Scheherezade
 42   Lady Kaede             Shadow of the Ninja
 43   Firebird               Adventure Island II
 44   Dog Demon              Milon's Secret Castle
 45   Robo-Manus             Battletoads
 46   Lord Hayate            Shadow of the Ninja
 47   Jimmy Lee              Double Dragon
 48   Rat Rocket             Battletoads
 49   Big Blag               Battletoads
 50   Coronya                The Magic of Scheherezade
 51   Centipede              Vice: Project Doom
 52   Jake                   Totally Rad
 53   Killer Bee             Totally Rad
 54   Jimmy Cutler Jr.       Flying Warriors
 55   Fang                   Totally Rad
 56   Pyrobot                Shatterhand
 57   Harptune               Shatterhand
 58   Light Wolf             Flying Warriors
 59   Space Battleship       S.C.A.T.
 60   Pimple                 Battletoads
 61   Vile Malmort           S.C.A.T.
 62   Cyborgape              Shatterhand
 63   Skull Tank             Metal Mech: Man & Machine
 64   Bogus Pizza Boy        Totally Rad
 65   Rick Stalker           Flying Warriors
 66   Sigourney              S.C.A.T.
 67   Drone Blaster          S.C.A.T.
 68   Salamander             The Magic of Scheherezade
 69   Psyko-Pig              Battletoads
 70   Yukimaru               The Krion Conquest
 71   Arakna Robot           Shadow of the Ninja
 72   Titan Alien            Vice: Project Doom
 73   Pteranodon             Adventure Island II
 74   Giant Fly              Adventure Island II
 75   Gu-Matonn Battle Suit  Vice: Project Doom
 76   PCU-110 Rogue          Vice: Project Doom
 77   Kim Ron                Vice: Project Doom
 78   Troll                  The Magic of Scheherezade
 79   Billy Lee              Double Dragon
 80   Isfa                   The Magic of Scheherezade
 81   Linda                  Double Dragon
 82   Edogy                  Totally Rad
 83   Devillian              Little Ninja Brothers
 84   Pogoborg               Shatterhand
 85   Power Fist             Shadow of the Ninja
 86   Demonyx                Flying Warriors
 87   Dark Queen             Battletoads
 88   Blue Camptosaurus      Adventure Island II
 89   Ryu                    Little Ninja Brothers
 90   Tony                   Metal Mech: Man & Machine
 91   Goragora               The Magic of Scheherezade
 92   Balzire                Shatterhand
 93   Master Higgins         Adventure Island II
 94   Castle Magician        Milon's Secret Castle
 95   Tub-a-Tummy            Little Ninja Brothers
 96   Zakros                 Flying Warriors
 97   Scorpion               Adventure Island II
 98   Golden Samurai         Shadow of the Ninja
 99   Jack                   Little Ninja Brothers
100   Centipede              S.C.A.T.
101   Sky Hawk               The Krion Conquest
102   Shock Trooper          S.C.A.T.
103   Shatterhand            Shatterhand
104   Bull-Ony               Little Ninja Brothers
105   Nautikill              Totally Rad
106   Blu Boltar             Little Ninja Brothers
107   Excavation Drone       S.C.A.T.
108   Arnold                 S.C.A.T.
109   Sapphire Demon         Milon's Secret Castle
110   Alien Queen            Metal Mech: Man & Machine


Hologram (2-7/8" x 2-1/2", approx. 1:box)

--    (Skull)


--    Zap Pax (unnumbered)
P01   Tony                   MetalMech
P02   Rat Rocket             Battletoads
P03   Titan Alien            Vice: Project Doom

©2001, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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