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Mike Zeck
Comic Images - 1989

Note: Card backs show one of two "puzzle" images of The Punisher. Type "A" has 
him holding 2 guns; type "B" is a head shot with 1 gun. Many thanks to Betty Henry 
for the list and to Todd Jordan for extra information!

Box: 50 packs of 5 cards + 1 blank-back cover card.
Base sets (45): approx. 5.56 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title           Card Back

  1   Check List          B
  2   Comin' Atcha        B
  3   Coming for you      B
  4   Captain America     B
  5   Escape              B
  6   Wolverine           B
  7   Superme Hydra       B
  8   Robbie              B
  9   Get off my back!    B
 10   Hellinger           B
 11   Bernie America      A
 12   Deathlok            A
 13   Breakfast           A
 14   Scheming            B
 15   Vermin              A
 16   the Hunter          A
 17   Constrictor         A
 18   Heroes              A
 19   Victory             A
 20   Hi There            A
 21   Stop It             B
 22   Anticipation        A
 23   Baron Stucer        A
 24   Scarecrow           A
 25   Falcon              B
 26   Mad As...           B
 27   Baron Zemo          A
 28   Close Call          B
 29   Old Friends         B
 30   Spider-woman        B
 31   Confrontation       B
 32   Villians            B
 33   Surrounded          B
 34   Fears               A
 35   Baby Cap            B
 36   Yeow!!!             A
 37   Don't Go            A
 38   Attack              A
 39   Knock, Knock        B
 40   Partners            B
 41   Preparation         B
 42   Convict             A
 43   I'll Be Back        A
 44   Born Again          A
 45   Bustin' out         B

--    (cover card, unnumbered; 1-per pack)

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