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The Legend of Zelda (2016)
   Enterplay - 2016

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the ZeldaWiki site.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards + 1 decal/sticker or FunTat + pin + poster.
Value Box: 4 packs of 6 cards. 20 boxes/case.

   No.    Title                                   Adventure

     1    Link                                    Ocarina of Time
     2    Princess Zelda                          Ocarina of Time
     3    Navi                                    Ocarina of Time
     4    Sheik                                   Ocarina of Time
     5    Princess Ruto                           Ocarina of Time
     6    Darunia                                 Ocarina of Time
     7    Twinrova                                Ocarina of Time
     8    Morpha                                  Ocarina of Time
     9    Ganondorf                               Ocarina of Time
    10    Ocarina of Time                         Ocarina of Time
    11    Fairy Bow                               Ocarina of Time
    12    Fairy Slingshot                         Ocarina of Time
    13    Goddess's Harp                          Ocarina of Time
    14    (Ocarina of Time)                       Ocarina of Time
    15    Song of Time                            Ocarina of Time
    16    First Encounter With a Powerful Foe     Ocarina of Time
    17    Link Draws the Master Sword             Ocarina of Time
    18    Sheik's Guidance                        Ocarina of Time
    19    Link                                    Majora's Mask
    20    Happy Mask Salesman                     Majora's Mask
    21    Tatl & Tael                             Majora's Mask
    22    Darmani the Third                       Majora's Mask
    23    Mikau                                   Majora's Mask
    24    Tingle                                  Majora's Mask
    25    Skull Kid                               Majora's Mask
    26    Twinmold                                Majora's Mask
    27    Majora's Mask                           Majora's Mask
    28    Deku Mask                               Majora's Mask
    29    Zora Mask                               Majora's Mask
    30    Goron Mask                              Majora's Mask
    31    Fierce Deity's Mask                     Majora's Mask
    32    (Majora's Mask)                         Majora's Mask
    33    Song of Healing                         Majora's Mask
    34    The Moon's Looming Doom                 Majora's Mask
    35    Deku Link                               Majora's Mask
    36    The Gorons of Snowhead                  Majora's Mask
    37    Wolf Link                               Twilight Princess
    38    Midna                                   Twilight Princess
    39    Princess Zelda                          Twilight Princess
    40    Ilia                                    Twilight Princess
    41    Epona                                   Twilight Princess
    42    Dark Beast Ganon                        Twilight Princess
    43    Zant                                    Twilight Princess
    44    Stallord                                Twilight Princess
    45    Ganondorf                               Twilight Princess
    46    Hylian Shield                           Twilight Princess
    47    Fused Shadow                            Twilight Princess
    48    Sword of the Sages                      Twilight Princess
    49    Darknut Sword                           Twilight Princess
    50    (Twilight Princess)                     Twilight Princess
    51    Fishing                                 Twilight Princess
    52    A Partnership is Born                   Twilight Princess
    53    Lifting Link's Curse                    Twilight Princess
    54    The Twilight Princess                   Twilight Princess
    55    Link                                    Skyward Sword
    56    Zelda                                   Skyward Sword
    57    Fi                                      Skyward Sword
    58    Impa                                    Skyward Sword
    59    Groose                                  Skyward Sword
    60    Gaepora                                 Skyward Sword
    61    Ghirahim                                Skyward Sword
    62    The Imprisoned                          Skyward Sword
    63    Demise                                  Skyward Sword
    64    Crimson Loftwing                        Skyward Sword
    65    Beetle                                  Skyward Sword
    66    Whip                                    Skyward Sword
    67    Scattershot                             Skyward Sword
    68    (Skyward Sword)                         Skyward Sword
    69    Bug Catching                            Skyward Sword
    70    The Black tornado Strikes               Skyward Sword
    71    Finding Fi                              Skyward Sword
    72    Ghirahim Reveals Himself                Skyward Sword
    73    Link                                    A Link Between Worlds
    74    Princess Zelda                          A Link Between Worlds
    75    Ravio                                   A Link Between Worlds
    76    The Princess Hilda                      A Link Between Worlds
    77    Irene                                   A Link Between Worlds
    78    Queen Oren                              A Link Between Worlds
    79    Yuga                                    A Link Between Worlds
    80    Shadow Link                             A Link Between Worlds
    81    Ganon                                   A Link Between Worlds
    82    Master Sword                            A Link Between Worlds
    83    Ravio's Bracelet                        A Link Between Worlds
    84    Tornado Rod                             A Link Between Worlds
    85    Bomb                                    A Link Between Worlds
    86    (A Link Between Worlds)                 A Link Between Worlds
    87    Cucco Ranch                             A Link Between Worlds
    88    Yuga's Beautiful Plan                   A Link Between Worlds
    89    Link's First Merge                      A Link Between Worlds
    90    Yuga Summons Ganon                      A Link Between Worlds


Silver Foil Cards (1:2 packs)

     91   Sheik                                   Ocarina of Time
     92   Link                                    Majora's Mask
     93   Wolf Link                               Twilight Princess
     94   Fi                                      Skyward Sword
     95   Ganon                                   Ocarina of Time
     96   Tingle                                  Majora's Mask
     97   Ocarina of Time                         Ocarina of Time
     98   Hylian Shield                           Twilight Princess
     99   Master Sword                            Majora's Mask
    100   Clock Town                              Twilight Princess

Silver Foil Puzzle

    101   Eldin Volcano                           Skyward Sword
    102   Faron Woods                             Skyward Sword
    103   Hyrule Field                            Twilight Princess
    104   Lon Lon Ranch                           Ocarina of Time
    105   Ordon Village                           Twilight Princess
    106   Sealed Grounds                          Skyward Sword
    107   Skyloft                                 Skyward Sword
    108   Temple of Time                          Ocarina of Time

Gold Foil Cards (1:24 packs)

    G1    Link                                    Skyward Sword
    G2    Princess Zelda                          Twilight Princess
    G3    Skull Kid                               Majora's Mask
    G4    Yuga                                    A Link Between Worlds

Gold Foil Cards (Box toppers)

    G5    Ganondorf                               Ocarina of Time
    G6    Majora's Mask                           Majora's Mask
    G7    Zant                                    Twilight Princess
    G8    Ghirahim                                Skyward Sword
    G9    Midna                                   Twilight Princess

Decal Stickers (1:2 packs)

   D1     (Master Sword and Hylian Shield)
   D2     (Link; painting)
   D3     (low-res Link)
   D4     (gold Zelda)
   D5     (gold Ganondorf)
   D6     (gold Link)
   D7     (Wingcrest)
   D8     (Hyrule and Lorule's Triforces)
   D9     (Majora's Mask)
   D10    (Skyward Sword)
   D11    (Twilight Princess)
   D12    It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

FunTat Tattoos (1:2 packs)

1 of 9    (Master Sword, Link)
2 of 9    (Majora's Mask)
3 of 9    (Midna)
4 of 9    (low-res Link)
5 of 9    (Zelda with sword)
6 of 9    (Hylian Shield)
7 of 9    (Wingcrest and Link)
8 of 9    (Wincrest)
9 of 9    (low-res Hearts and Master Sword)

Poster (Fun Pack Box)

    --    (poster)

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