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Zero Heroes
General Mills / Donruss - 1983

Notes:  Eight of the sticker-cards do not have numbers printed, instead having
card backs with merely the Zero Heroes logo.  Eight numbers are skipped in the
sequence of 66, which makes it hard for traders to list their extras (not to mention
their needs!).  The guy I obtained my set from had assigned the unnumbered
stickers to positions when he opened packs and collated sets back in 1984, so
I am using his "numbering" in this checklist: The "missing numbers" are in
(parentheses) below. Please feel free to link this checklist to your card lists, if
it will help. Thanks much to Philip Brazina for the discussion!

Box: 36 packs of 6 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.
Gum contains dextrose, corn syrup, sugar, gum base, artificial
flavor & colors, BHT (added as a preservative).

 No.   Title

  1    The Fantastic Fast Guy
 (2)   Do Not Enter - Protected by Zero Heroes
  3    Muscle Man
  4    Put-Down Man
  5    Brand X Man
  6    Power Baby
  7    Rat Man
  8    Milk Man
 (9)   Award - Zero Hero Crime Fighter
 10    Lard Lady
 11    Ape Man
 12    The Silver Screamer
 13    Hen Boy
 14    Video Boy
(15)   Super Turkey
 16    Great Gobbler
 17    Egbert the Barbarian
(18)   Secret Society of Zero Heroes
 19    Commander Big Foot
 20    Wonder Rich Guy
 21    Colossal Cockroach
 22    Commander Clown
 23    Captain Cement
 24    Silver Skunk
 25    Yellow Belly
 26    Captain Ugly
 27    Amazing Fantastic Colossal Power Zapper Wonder Man
 28    Power Punk
 29    Super Sneezer
 30    Space Slug
(31)   Zero Hero
 32    Super Surfer
 33    Flash Light
 34    Super Swine
 35    Captain Clod
 36    Caped Cucumber
 37    Toad Man
 38    Captain Longdistance
 39    The Power Pinhead
 40    Dazzling Dog
 41    Valley Girl
 42    Fantastic Flea
(43)   Zero Hero Official I.D. Card
 44    The Z Team
 45    Captain Forgetful
 46    Thunder Thighs
(47)   Z Team
 48    Garlic Girl
 49    Mean Man
 50    The Fall Person
 51    Lead Head
 52    Bullet Boy
(53)   Warning! This Vehicle Protected by Zero Heroes
 54    Commander Cheese
 55    Fancy Man
 56    Wonder Weakling
 57    Steel Putty Man
 58    Beetle Man
 59    Cream-Puff Man
 60    Caped Computer
 61    Greased Lightning
 62    Jet Boy
 63    The Caped Rock Head
 64    Bird Boy
 65    Electric Man
 66    The Incredible Bulk

©2001, 2002, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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