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Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Series #1
   5FINITY Productions - 2009

Notes: This series is separate from the Premium Sketch Card Series, and 
included 500 sketch cards plus specials and convention exclusives. Thanks 
much to Joe Reinwald for the list! Further information and scans are posted 
at the 5FINITY website.

      Artist                 Count

Sketch Artists

      Adam Street              20
      Ana Harmon               25
      Andy Black               10
      Anthony Hochrein         30
      Ben Glendenning          30
      Ben Hansen               50
      Bill McKay               40
      David Namisato           30
      Ed Bickford              25
      Frankie B Washington     30
      Glen Fernandez           25
      Jason Metcalf            10
      Jason Worthington        30
      Justin Ridge             25
      Kelly Everaert            5
      Mark Bloodworth           5
      Mark Slater              40
      Nicole Goff               5
      Robin Thompson           20
      Scott Simmons            25
      Zane DeGaine             20

Convention Exclusive Card Artists (66 made, including Artist Exclusives)

      Andy Carreon
      Ben Glendenning
      Celesta Krantz
      Hayden Davis
      Jason Martin
      Jason Worthington
      Patrick Finch
      Ryan Cody
      Terry Tibke

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