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Zombie War Trading Cards
   FantaCo/Tundra - 1992

Note:  Originally distributed as a factory boxed set, in "regular" and "signed" editions.
Paintings by Charles Lang, writing by Tom Skulan, design by Jim Whiting. Thanks 
much to Claude for the update!

No.   Title

  1   The UFO Appears
  2   Alien Observation
  3   Deadly Beams
  4   Worldwide Alert
  5   Extraterrestrial Dogfight
  6   UFO Shot Down
  7   Capturing Alien Life
  8   The Dead Return
  9   Screaming Zombie Terror
 10   Human Casualties
 11   Looking for Hope
 12   Growing Zombie Hordes
 13   Insane Zombie Master
 14   Hunting for Food
 15   Eaten Alive
 16   Interrogating the Alien
 17   The Alien Speaks
 18   Zombie Attack
 19   Horrible Secret
 20   Canine Assault
 21   Race against Time
 22   Zombie Insect Plague
 23   L.A. Zombie Bloodbath
 24   Human Meat Locker
 25   Chicago Death March
 26   London under Siege
 27   Munich Zombie Hell
 28   Moscow Invasion of Horror
 29   Nightmare in Paris
 30   Seizing New York
 31   New York Destroyed
 32   The World Waits
 33   They Can't Be Stopped
 34   Bizarre Mutations
 35   Alien Assistance
 36   Testing the Chemical
 37   Arming the Troops
 38   Ferocious Counter Attack
 39   All Out War
 40   A Soldier Terrorized
 41   Enemy Destroyed
 42   Disastrous Victory
 43   Jina
 44   The Alien
 45   The Zombie Master

Bonus Cards (Signed Edition only)

 46   Trapped Underground
 47   Carnivore Cookout
 48   California Gone
 49   Tidal Wave Terror
 50   The Emperor Zombie
 51   Dead on Target [signature card]
 --   Earth Must Be Destroyed #1 [comic bonus card]


 50   The Emperor Zombie [Zombie War: Earth Must Be Destroyed #4 comic]

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