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Zombies vs Cheerleaders (ZvC) Geektacular #1
   5FINITY Productions - 2010

Notes:  Sketch numbers do not include artist or dealer exclusives. Cards were 
released with the comic series, featuring the return of Rich Koslowski's The 
3 Geeks and two other stories. A Second Wave of cards was issued related 
to Geektacular Issues #1, replacing a Series 2 that was originally planned. 
The comic had five variant covers: A (Rich Koslowski, 50%); B (Rich Bonk, 
20%); C (Jason Metcalf, 20%); D (Patrick Finch, 10%, Virgin Variant Cover); 
and E (Bill McKay, 5FINITY Exclusive, only 200 copies). Thanks much to 
Joe Reinwald for the updates! Further information and scans are posted at the 
5FINITY website.

Sketch Card Artists (First Wave)

      Artist             # sketched

      Danny Devine          12
      Patrick Finch         12
      Ben Glendenning       12
      Nicole Goff            5
      Rich Koslowski        20
      Jim Kyle              10
      Kathleen Lawday        8
      Bill McKay            10
      Jason Metcalf         20
      Remy Mokhtar          16
      David Namisato        20
      Jeff Pina             16
      Spencer Platt         20
      Danielle Soloud       20
      Mel Uran              12
      George Webber         12

Sketch Card Artists (Second Wave [Halloween]; partial list)

      Artist             # sketched

      Lynne Anderson         5
      Matt Bennett           3
      Chris Houghton        20
      Jon Riggle            24
      Ana Sanchez           20
      Amber Shelton         35
      Tim Smith             10
      (others)               ?

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