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Zyu Rangers
Bandai - 1992

Note:  I'm sorry, but I'm not good at reading Japanese. I did the best I could from combined
web resources to identify the rangers and their protectors. Some of the combination figures
I can't identify, so I fell back to describing the rangers on the card backs. For those
uninitiated in sentai, the Zyu Rangers were the basis for the first season of the western
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Thanks to Stan for the update!

No.   Depiction                            Attributes

 1    Tyranno Ranger (Red) - Geki
 2    Tricera Ranger (Blue) - Dan
 3    Mammoth Ranger (Black) - Goushi
 4    Tiger Ranger (Yellow) - Boy
 5    Ptera Ranger (Pink) - Mei
 6    Dragon Ranger (Green) - Burai
 7    Tyrannosaurus (Red)
 8    Triceratops (Blue)
 9    Zyumammoth (Black)
10    Saber Tiger (Yellow)
11    Pteranodon (Pink)
12    Dragon Caesar (Green)
13    Team in defensive stance
14    Team in offensive stance
15    Tyranno Ranger on cycle                2-4-1
16    Mammoth Ranger cycle, Tiger sidecar
17    Tricera Ranger cycle, Ptera sidecar    7-1-3
18    Daizyujin (Great Beast God)            1-5-3
19    Protectors on the prowl
20    Back: Tyranno Ranger on cycle          6-3-1
21    Back: Tyranno/Dragon Rangers           9-2-4
22    Tyranno and Dragon Rangers             1-6-9
23    Zyu Ranger villains                    1-5-2
24    Back: Team in offensive stance         4-5-1

©2000, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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