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CSI:Miami 3 Limited Set
   Strictly Ink - 2008

Notes:  This set was not released to wide distribution, and could be found 
as a part of the 2008 Strictly Ink Yearset, with each set numbered to 50. 
The autograph cards and sketches were also found separately in yearsets and 
unsigned versions of the autographs can be found. Thanks much to Paul Abraham 
and Paul Hart for updates!

 No.    Title

  --    (gold-foil header card)

Autograph Cards

MI-C1   David Caruso - Horatio Caine
MI-C2   Emily Procter - Calleigh Duquesne
MI-C3   Adam Rodriguez - Eric Delko
MI-C4   Jonathan Togo - Ryan Wolfe
MI-C5   Rex Linn - Detective Frank Tripp
MI-C6   Eva La Rue - Natalia Boa Vista
MI-C7   Boti Bliss - Valera

Sketch Card

 SK1    Robert Aragon
 SK1    Caroline Edwards

Show-Worn Costume Cards

  --    (2 cards from CSI:Miami Series 1 or CSI:Miami Series 2)

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