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Gary Saves the Graveyard
   RRParks Cards - 2015

Notes: This series features the popular UCB web-video series, and was issued at the 
same time as Chronicles of the Three Stooges Series Four, originally as a Kickstarter 
campaign but later available separately as a boxed set. Thanks to John Biagioni for 
the original list! Further information and scans are posted at the RRParks website.

        No.   Title

          1   So Awkward
          2   Hello Little Girl!
          3   Respect My Authority
          4   I Don't Want No Trouble
          5   An Unexpected Resident
          6   Gary Loses Their Head
          7   You're Being a Dick!
          8   Aaugh! Zombies!
          9   The Gate Keeps the Dead In...
         10   We Won't Eat You.. That's Vile
         11   Let's Get Some Booze
         12   Stop Drawing Attention to Us!
         13   Is There a God?
         14   An Unwelcome fax
         15   No I Don't Want Gin!
         16   Whatever, Loooozzerrr!
         17   A Graveyard Greeting
         18   Hold Down the Fort
         19   You Had Sex? Ewww, Sick!
         20   Hello Officer Becky
         21   Why Is Abraham Here?
         22   Time to Live It Up!
         23   Please Don't Leave!
         24   Why Are We Going So Comically Slow?
         25   Disinclined to Acquiesce
         26   A Bad Situation
         27   Back Off, Buddy!
         28   Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
         29   Is Your Heart Racing?
         30   Time to Grant Wishes
         31   Touch Down!
         32   Lounge of the Living Dead
         33   She Sounds Really Bad...
         34   Sarsaparilla?
         35   I Found the Gun That Killed You.
         36   Sarsaparilla!
         37   I Just Want to Hang Out.
         38   Officer Becky to the 'Rescue'
         39   Gary Meets the "Evacuator"
         40   The Worst of a Bad Situation.
         41   Corporeally Unsound
         42   Abraham Keeps His Head But Goes to Pieces
         43   Lending a Hand in a Sticky Situation.
         44   Mad Dash to the Graveyard
         45   Pick-Up of Body Parts
         46   An Angel's Paperwork Is Never Done.
         47   You Suck!
         48   You Didn't See Anything..
         49   Andy and Gary
         50   Gary Saves the Afterlife

Title Card    Gary Saves the Graveyard
Check List 1  (#1-#32)
Check List 2  (#33-#50 + 4)

Glow-in-the Dark Card

    Glow 1    Gary Saves the Graveyard

Advertising Insert Card

        --    Special Edition Zombie Heads Complete Set Offer

Zombie Heads Pencil-Toppers (1:box)

        --    (red, mouth open)
        --    (red, teeth clenched)
        --    (green, mouth open)
        --    (yellow, mouth open)
        --    (brown, big upper lip)
        --    (green, sharp bottom teeth)
        --    (green, big lips)
        --    (yellow, sides of mouth open)


Autograph Cards (# to 80; singly or set of 8)

        --    Tim Wood            Truck Driver
        --    Jim Santangeli      Gary
        --    Tallie Medel        Andy
        --    Tessa Greenberg     Lounge Singer
        --    Dawn Luebbe         Nurse Margaret Beatrice
        --    Todd Bieber         Director
        --    Shannon O'Neill     Officer Becky
        --    Nate Dern           Abraham

  Promo 22    (promo card)
        --    (set of 9 pencil-toppers)
        --    (sketch card)
        --    (metal printing plate)


           see also the full collection of Halloween 2015 promo cards.

  Promo 1     Gary Saves the Graveyard (inserted with Monster Choke N Gag Series 2)
  Promo 16    Gary Saves the Grave Yard (face)
  Promo 17    Gary Saves the Grave Yard (collar)

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©2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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