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Dynamic Forces - 2002

Note: Further information is posted at the Dynamic Forces website. Thanks
much to Michael Kartchner for the original checklist and to Brett Luts and James 
Huffman for updates!

Box: 40 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.22 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Card Text / Scene


    1    (Full Cast)
    2    The Lexx
    3    (Xev Bellringer)
    4    (Kai)
    5    (Stanley Tweedle)
    6    (790)
    7    (Kai's Girlfriend)
    8    Moths
    9    (Full Crew)


   10    The Lusticon Machine turned Xev into a sex
   11    Xev examines one of the exotic plants from
   12    LEXX Episode Moment: Lyekka -- Lyekka rein
   13    Xev is a tough customer. She and her band
   14    Xev is a beautiful woman with a headstrong
   15    Enter the lair of the love slave. Xev slin
   16    "You may only be a head 790 but you are st
   17    Beautiful but deadly, Xev gave the order f
   18    Xev shows her softer side as she reflects


   19    Kai was originally from Brunnis 2, the new
   20    Kai is strangely immune to Xev's charms un
   21    After Kai repairs the damaged 790 he gets
   22    LEXX Episode Moment: Fire & Water 790 to K
   23    Kai prepares to set sail on one of the inf
   24    Kai sings of the fate of the Brunnen-G fro
   25    Move over Shakespeare, Kai is not only the
   26    It's bad enough being the last of your rac
   27    Stuck between a rock and a hard place the

Stanley Tweedle

   28    Things go from bad to worse when Stanley l
   29    LEXX Episode Moment: Stan's Trial - Stanle
   30    When Kai is awakened in the wrong way, the
   31    Ever the epitome of the latest fashion tre
   32    Would you trust this man with the key to t
   33    Fleeing from the evil Prince, Stanley esca
   34    Stranded between the Fire and Water Planet
   35    Stanley is brought to the brink of death t
   36    Stanley faces a return to limbo as he trie


   37    790's mixed up man love for Kai is evident
   38    790 recites a love poem to Xev. "If I only
   39    Kai 2 does his best Cupid imitation in an
   40    Xev examines Kai, the newest occupant of t
   41    Try as he might, the begging and pleading
   42    On the harsh desert terrain of the Fire Pl
   43    The crew takes five in one of LEXX's priva
   44    Most people try to get ahead. Xev's robot
   45    Stanley finds out from Kai that there are
   46    Stanley was an important man when he posse
   47    Stanley and Xev cling to the Prince's cast
   48    Kai looks for the one wire that will save
   49    Stanley, Kai, and Xev attempt to escape fr
   50    Assassin, idiot, love slave - the lovable
   51    Inside the giant monolith, the evil Prince
   52    The Prince's army of gondolas prepare to b
   53    With more firepower than an entire armada
   54    Xev, Stanley, and Kai 2 fly over the Red H
   55    LEXX Episode Moment: K-Town - Stanley and
   56    Xev gives in to passion of the dance. Her
   57    Escaping the vast tunnel labyrinth, beneat
   58    Xev and Kai's relationship is a futuristic
   59    In a world where even the most routine occ


   60    Xev (Gordon Purcell)
   61    Kai (Gordon Purcell)
   62    Stanley Tweedle (Gordon Purcell)
   63    790 (Gordon Purcell)
   64    Xev (Mark Romanowski)
   65    Crew (Alex Horley)
   66    Xev (Jeff Pittarelli)
   67    Xev (tatoo; Matt Busch)
   68    Xev (portrait; Matt Busch)
   69    Xev & 790 (Matt Busch)
   70    Xev (Dan Parsons)
   71    Kai (Tom Grindberg)

   72    Checklist


Rainbow Chrome Cards

   C1    "Woman, what type of man is that?" Brother Ran
   C2    A galactic quest for sex can leave you feeling
   C3    "I am Xev of BK3." She has the animal sex driv
   C4    Xev's future can't be divined in a crystal bal
   C5    All systems are prepped and ready for take off
   C6    Lexx Episode Moment: The Key. "This isn't abou

Autograph Cards (1:10 packs; no A5 or A9)

  A1     Dan Parsons (numbered to 1000)
           = (Head shot)
           = (Full body shot; rare)
  A1     Xenia Seeberg (numbered to 500)
  A2     Tom Smith (Kai, 1000)
  A3     Brian Downey as Stanley Tweedle (1000)
  A4     Jeffrey Hirschfield as the Voice of 790 (1000)
  A6     Matt Busch (Xev, 2000)
  A7     Gordon Purcell (Xev, 2000)
  A8     Tom Grindberg (Kai, 1000)
  A10    Alex Horley (Crew, 1000)
  A11    Jeff Pittarreli (Xev, 1000)

  BC     Xenia Seeberg as Xev (binder exclusive, also listed below)


1 of 6   (Xev)
2 of 6   (Kai)
3 of 6   (790)
4 of 6   (Stan)
5 of 6   (Lexx)
6 of 6   (Stan-Kai-Xev)

Sketch Cards (1:40 packs)

   --    Matt Busch (numbered to 500)
           = 790 facing forward
           = Kai facing forward
           = Xev right profile
   --    Dan Parsons (numbered to 500)
           = Xev facing forward
           = Xev left profile
           = Xev right profile
   --    Dan Parsons (numbered to 1000)
           = Xev facing forward
           = Xev left profile
   --    Gordon Purcell (numbered to 1000)
           = Kai
           = Xev left profile

Costume Card (three variations)

   --    Xenia Seeberg as Xev (hands on hips; # to 199)
   --    Xenia Seeberg as Xev (standing; marked "Series 2"; unnumbered)
   --    Xenia Seeberg as Xev (kicking; marked "Series 3"; unnumbered)

Sketch Cards (Art by Dan Parsons; dealer incentives, 5" x 7")

   --    (Kai facing forward, # to 100)
   --    (Stan facing forward, # to 100)
   --    (Xev facing forward, # to 200)
   --    (Xev from side, # to 200)
   --    (Xev bust, "Season 3", # to 200)

Card Album (limited to 999; sold separately)

   --    (Binder)
   --    (11 nine-pocket pages)
   BC    Xenia Seeberg as Xev (exclusive auto; numbered to 1000)

Preview Sets (see lists here)

   --    (Set #1; 6 cards, limited to 1500)
   --    (Set #2; 6 cards)
   --    (Suncoast Video; 4 cards in cello pack)

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 400)

   --    (6-card panel, signed by Xenia Seeberg)


   P1    Coming Summer 2001! (Xev facing forward)
   P2    Coming Summer 2001! (Stan, Xev, Kai)
   --    (Xev in lizard suit; Non-Sport Update)
   --    (Xev facing right mouth open, unnumbered)
   --    Shipping in April (Dealer sell sheet, 8-3/4" x 11-1/4")
   --    Lexx / Earth X: Wolverine Mega-Bust / Darkchylde Resin Busts (Dealer sell sheet)

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©2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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