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Monster Choke n Gag Series 2
   RRParks Cards - 2015

Notes: This is a "mini/midgee" set with two numbers per card, with the full card 
measuring 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" and three cards printed on the box folder. Numbering 
continues from Series 1. It was issued at the same time as Chronicles of the Three 
Stooges Series Four, originally as a Kickstarter campaign but later available separately 
as a boxed set. Thanks to John Biagioni for the original list! Further information and 
scans are posted at the RRParks website.

   No.   Card Text

    26   Damn Jehovah witnesses... No, I don't want a bloody copy of 'The Watchtower'!
    27   This is not what I thought you meant when you said you could help me with my cankle problem!
    28   I just found a message in a bottle from some castaways... Is there a 'Gilligan' on this island?
    29   Oh for heaven's sake, Murray, stop asking me to go look every time you make boom boom.
    30   Ecch. I keep telling my wife that a pleasing Christmas wreath is not made from garlic!
    31   I appreciate your foot fettish but shouldn't you be doing something about the zombies outside?
    32   I'll teach you to publish trading cards with only one freakin' chase card per freakin' box!
    33   So, Lobo, you think you're so smart ... I'd like to see you program this VCR!
    34   Yes, Laura, Peter and I are both impressed ... but we both feel you can flush it now.
    35   Oh ugh -- Is that your mother? Tell her I'm sick... Tell her I'm dead... Oh nuts, put her on.
    36   Yes Mongo! I heard it, too -- the doorbell! She's finally brought our order of macaroons!
    37   Well, Lady, I found the problem in your cellar ... It's infested with me!
    38   Dashit all, Eugene, everyone's starring...  I told you showing up in cosplay to a briss was daft!
    39   Remember -- If it looks good Eat It!
    40   Ecch! Arameus, you accidently unplugged the freezer last week!
    41   Uhmm... Honeybunch... Did you just fart?
    42   Me no like this video we're shooting ... You said there would be three well hung guys, but...
    43   We're here to audition for the 'Most Eligible Bachelor' show!
    44   Aye yi yi ... my poor stomache... I'm never eating chili at that place again!
    45   But it looks good, right? You can't even tell they're hair plugs, can you?! Can you!!
    46   We're a perfect match, Frank. You had artificial brains implanted in your head and I had --
    47   While it might not be the biggest deer tick I've ever seen... It's darn close!
    48   No, Tiny Tim, you can't go out and play ... not until you've cleaned your room!
    49   Yea yea, I know I overflowed the toilet ... But honey, isn't it the most epic you've ever seen?
    50   Ahhh! No Ma, don't open the door! I'm... I'm... I'm reading a book!
    51   So I didn't use a recent photo of myself on eHarmony... So what! Kiss me anyway!
    52   And I want a toy train... and I want a ray gun... and I want a GI Joe with kung fu grip... and
    53   Psst... Master, put your glasses on ... Your date does not look like an adult Dora the Explorer.
    54   Yes Howard I know we're in a bad situation and gonna die... But you couldn't use deoderant?

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