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Legends of Star Trek
(Series 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12)
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2003-2007

Notes:  This series of nine-card sets was sold in factory-sealed cello packs, individually numbered 
to 1701. A similarly numbered storage album was available for purchase with the first series, again 
for free with the 2012 Chakotay-Reed-Paris-Mayweather release. Subscription arrangements 
allowed collectors to continue to acquire later sets with the same serial numbers that they started 
with. Cards do not bear individual titles, so I identify the type of uniform and the basic scene below. Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website; links for each series 
are provided at the titles for each installment below.

Lists for later sets continue at  ST Legends 13-24 and ST Legends 25-36.

No.   Uniform / Description

Series 1: Captain James T. Kirk (2003)

 L1   gold shirt, Captain's chair
 L2   gold shirt, left profile
 L3   gold shirt, head secured on table
 L4   gold shirt, with Uhura and Sulu
 L5   gold shirt, looking left pensive
 L6   gold shirt, sitting right profile
 L7   gold dress uniform
 L8   gold shirt, arms akimbo
 L9   gold shirt, left profile with arms

Series 2: Spock (2004)

 L1   blue shirt with ribbed collar
 L2   brown shirt with ribbed green collar, crewman behind
 L3   brown shirt with ribbed collar, hand on console
 L4   blue shirt, looking forward
 L5   blue shirt, head shot
 L6   blue shirt, with tricorder
 L7   blue dress uniform
 L8   blue shirt, leaning over console
 L9   blue shirt, pain

Series 3: Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy (2004)

 L1   blue shirt, in corridor
 L2   blue shirt, head shot
 L3   blue shirt, preparing injection
 L4   blue shirt, at bridge
 L5   blue shirt, holding drink
 L6   blue shirt, using communicator
 L7   blue shirt, smiling
 L8   blue shirt, before arch
 L9   blue shirt, after healing Horta

Series 4: Scotty, Uhura and Sulu (2004)

      Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott

 L1   red shirt, face forward
 L2   red shirt, looking up conduit
 L3   red shirt, left profile

      Lieutenant Sulu

 L4   gold shirt, right profile
 L5   gold shirt, chair over right shoulder
 L6   gold shirt, rail over right shoulder

      Lieutenant Uhura

 L7   gold shirt, at console
 L8   red shirt, facing forward
 L9   red shirt, looking over shoulder

Series 5: Chekov, Rand and Chapel (2005)


 L1   gold shirt, right profile
 L2   gold shirt, leaning on fist
 L3   gold shirt, looking intense

      Yeoman Rand

 L4   red shirt, looking puzzled
 L5   red shirt, stifling grin
 L6   red shirt, full smile

      Nurse Chapel

 L7   blue shirt, facing forward
 L8   blue shirt, hair down with smile
 L9   blue shirt, facing forward serious

Series 6: Captain Picard (2006)

 L1   uniform with cowl, blue background
 L2   uniform with cowl, grey background
 L3   Dixon Hill
 L4   duty uniform, smiling
 L5   uniform with 'sweater' top
 L6   duty uniform, unfocused background
 L7   padded shoulders, dark unfocused background
 L8   leather jacket
 L9   padded shoulders, bridge scene in back

Series 7: Lieutenant Commander Data (2006)

 L1   blue starry background
 L2   brown background
 L3   Romulan
 L4   Sherlock Holmes
 L5   Eli Hollander
 L6   glare visor
 L7   sailing ship officer
 L8   with Spot
 L9   padded-shoulder uniform at doorway

Series 8: William T. Riker (2006)

 L1   red/black uniform, young beardless
 L2   red/black uniform, starry background
 L3   red/black uniform, red background
 L4   blue jacket, red/white background
 L5   Victorian suit
 L6   red/black uniform, bridge
 L7   red/black uniform, receding hairline
 L8   grey/purpls uniform, older beardless
 L9   grey/purple uniform, portrait

Series 9: Counselor Deanna Troi (2006)

 L1   maroon counselor uniform, grey background portrait
 L2   red/maroon uniform, red background right profile portrait
 L3   blue shirt, Engineering
 L4   dark uniform, red background full face portrait
 L5   cowgirl taking aim
 L6   Romulan, battle uniform
 L7   alien peasant, outdoors
 L8   silky top, sitting at meeting
 L9   blue uniform, bridge

Series 10: Dr. Beverly Crusher (2007)

 L1   blue uniform, blue background
 L2   grey top, quarters
 L3   nurse
 L4   period costume, with Dixon Hill
 L5   white blouse/beige jacket, interior
 L6   blue uniform, bridge
 L7   dark uniform, rust background, looking determined
 L8   red/black uniform, with old Picard & Data
 L9   dark uniform, portrait smiling

Series 11: Lt. Commander Worf (2007)

 L1   red uniform, early turtle-head
 L2   yellow uniform, bridge
 L3   red uniform, grey background portrait
 L4   felt sweater bands, outdoors
 L5   Merry Man
 L6   command uniform, aged
 L7   red/black uniform, rock background
 L8   left profile, red background
 L9   grey Klingon uniform

Series 12: Lt. Commander La Forge, Lt. Yar, Ensign Crusher (2007)

      Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge

 L1   red uniform, grey background
 L2   portrait, no visor, black background
 L3   portrait, no visor, white background

      Ensign Wesley Crusher

 L4   blue uniform, red background
 L5   blue uniform, chin on hands
 L6   red uniform, portrait

      Lt. Tasha Yar

 L7   red uniform, grey background portrait
 L8   red uniform, bridge
 L9   bedroom attire

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